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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Half term fun - Using up old wallpaper.

This week I have been searching for ideas to keep James entertained as he is home all week for half term. 

We were stuck indoors today thanks to some pretty heavy rain and no car to venture anywhere. So I had a rummage round and found some old half used rolls of wallpaper from when we decorated our living room. 

I simply got out a selection of pains, pens, pencils, stamps and glitter pens and placed them on the floor.

I then unrolled a part of the wall paper but so it was plain side up and tah-dah a massive plain space for your little artists to let their imaginations run wild! 

James absolutely loved it and had great fun painting all of his favourite super heroes on it and then creating a trail of "foot prints" on another part of the paper. It kept him happy for ages and it cost next to nothing! So if you have some old part rolls of wall paper laying around then this is a fab fun way to use them up. 

Here is part of James masterpiece

Do you have any low cost ideas to keep children entertained? Please do share with us below!