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Monday, 17 August 2015

Primula Dips **REVIEW**

You may have seen our post about our picnic using Primula cheese earlier this summer but squeezy cheese isn't all Primula do, they actually have a tasty range of dips too!

We were sent some of the Primula dips range to try in a variety of flavours. I knew these would be a hit as me and hubby regularly enjoy some crisps and dip in front of a dvd on a weekend so these would be a lovely treat.

The flavours we received were Sour cream and chive, Garlic and herb, Spicy nacho cheese, Spicy salsa and Thai sweet chilli.

All of the dips offered a creamy dip that was packed full of flavour. As soon as you opened the lid the flavour hit you and you could really taste each flavour within the dips. The creamy texture made them great for dipping too!

My personal favourite was the Spicy Nacho cheese, initially I was worried that the dip may be a little too spicy but it really wasn't! The rich flavour of nacho cheese was packed in to the dip with a subtle hint of spice that gave it a little kick. Absolutely delicious especially with lightly salted Doritos!

My husbands favourite flavour was the garlic and herb (although he said the sour cream and chive came a close second). The dip had a smooth creamy texture had a cool, fresh flavour that went well with crispbread, Doritos and the bread sticks we tried with it.

My only small issue with the dips is that they have a peel off lid which is fine but sometimes you don't finish the whole pot but as it doesn't have a reusable lid you have nothing to cover it with to keep it fresh. However we just used a small piece of foil to cover them but it would have been nice to have had a reusable lid.

Over all we really enjoyed the Primula dips, they would make a great addition to a variety of situations such as a fun snack or for a dvd date night and they would make a great addition to any buffet table along with a variety of crisps, breadsticks and crispbreads as there is certainly a flavour for everyone!

What is your favourite dip flavour?


* I was not paid for this review. All opinions given are my own.
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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Picnic week with Primula Cheese

As the weather heats up and summer promptly on its way what better way to enjoy lunch that outside with a Picnic! This week (13th - 21st June) is National picnic week so dust of your picnic blankets, check out the picnic week hub from Primula cheese for some great picnic ideas and head out in to the great outdoors.

As a family we are huge fan of picnic's and we regularly pack up our picnic basket and head outside for lunch sometimes the beach, sometimes the woods and sometimes just our garden.

Primula recently sent us a range of their products to enjoy alongside a picnic and so headed of to the shop to purchase some more picnic food to accompany the delicious primula flavours we had received. We purchased a french stick, crackers, grapes, strawberries, we also cooked up some mini sausage rolls, boiled eggs and quiche at home.
Remember when thinking picnic food think easy to eat and low fuss. Food that can be eaten easily with your hands and create minimum mess especially if there are children enjoying the picnic too! Thats why Primula is perfect for the picnic, it comes in handy tubes with a lid that can be easily transported in a picnic basket with no mess.

Picnics are a great way to get all of the family together and so we invited the children's nanny and grampy (my mum and dad) along to enjoy the picnic with us. Its great how something as simple as a picnic can bring together 3 generations of family! We had a lovely afternoon full of laughter and delicious food all whilst enjoying the sunshine and family time.

Another top tip is that if you have children who are perhaps reluctant to try new foods I have found that brignging them along to a picnic means they are much more inclined to try them! I have no idea why but it has certainly worked for us and both children have tried foods during a picnic they would perhaps have not wanted to try at home. On our picnic both children tried watermelon and loved it! Something they would have been reluctant to try at home.

So this weekend if the sun is shining why not pack up your picnic basket, grab some outdoor games and head off for the afternoon for some family time and a delicious picnic, its free, fun and delicious!

Make sure you check out the Primula picnic hub before you head out too!

What is your favourite picnic food?


* I was not paid for this review. All opinions given are my own.
* If you would like me to review your product or service, please email me on xJessLegresleyx@hotmail.com.