Monday 2 September 2013

Ribena Plus *REVIEW*

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the new range from Ribena called Ribena Plus. I was sent 6 cartons of the new Ribena plus 2 of each of the following flavours Raspberry and Apple, Summer Fruits and Apple and Peach.

The new Ribena Plus range includes Ribena Plus with vitamin A and vitamin C to help support immunity, and Ribena Plus with calcium for healthy bones. This is a definite bonus for me as a mother I am always a little conscious about what I give my little boy to eat and drink so to be able to give him a drink he enjoys and know it contains extra vitamins and calcium is a definite bonus.
We tried the 200ml premixed cartons although the range is also available in 500ml premixed bottles and a larger concentrate bottle.
The cartons retail at around £2.70 for 10x 200ml and the 500ml bottles retail around £1.10
First impressions were the cartons were bright and colourful and the cartons were the perfect size for little hands to be able to hold onto themselves confidently without having to worry about them squeezing to hard trying to keep hold of the carton.
James immediately wanted to try some and he chose the Raspberry and Apple flavour which he declared as "Very Yummy"! I also tried this flavour and it really was delicious! The flavours really tasted like apple and raspberry and although sweet they were not to sweet and certainly not as sweet as other drinks I have tried.
We all tried the summer fruits flavour but didn't think much of it. The flavours were not really there and it tasted a little bland and there was no distinguishing flavours that popped out unlike the apple and raspberry flavour.
My son tried the apple and peach flavour and loved it. This flavour tasted more of peach than apple but had a lovely subtle flavour that was really refreshing especially straight from the fridge in the recent warm weather we have had. This flavour also wasn't as sweet as the Apple and Raspberry flavour so a bonus for those who maybe prefer a drink that isn't as sweet.  
Here is my little boy enjoying the apple and peach flavour.
The only downside I found (which really is down to personal preference) was that I personally prefer the sports cap style bottle for drinks. This is because it means when my little boy opens a drink and only drinks half I can just close the lid and save for later. However with cartons once they have been opened they need to be assumed there and then which is a little tricky especially if out and about walking around. However this really is just a personal preference and has no effect on the taste of the actual product!
Overall we all enjoyed the Ribena plus and would definitely consider the cartons for the future.
For more information about the product please visit the Ribena webpage here...  www.ribena.co.uk/


  1. We love our Ribena too! They are delicious! Glad James enjoyed them xx

  2. This sounds like it will be a perfect drink for me. I had hyperparathyroidism (controls calcium levels) and had my calcium go wacko after surgery. I have to take triple or quadruple what a regular person takes now. It gets old taking so many pills. Wonder if this is in the US yet. I'll have to check.

  3. They sound really good!! I wonder if they are in the US. Summer fruit... Just sound yummy!!!

  4. I can't tell the last time I had one of these. I think it was probably last year when I visited the Caribbean. It was the grape one and it was delicious. I don't think I've seen them here in the US though but I wish they were here. I love them!

  5. I've never tried Ribena before. Love the flavours offered though :)