Saturday 7 September 2013

Today we made Pizza!!!

Im not sure about you but I am forever lost for ideas for tea time that the whole family can enjoy! There's only me hubby and my little boy who is 4 but I find us having the same meals over and over and it gets really boring.
On a weekend we are a nightmare for getting takeaway and now I've joined the gym this is something I am trying to avoid!
This week I decided to sit down and think of new meal ideas and with a little help from a few other mums I came up with lots of new meals for us to try this week. I am going to share with you a few of our meals this week so it may give you some new ideas. All of the meals are brought and made on a budget of around £50 per week for 3 of us  and that includes toiletries!
So today we made Pizza!!!
Here is James making his...
It was pretty simple to do and something everyone could get involved in. You can choose what ever toppings you like we had...  hot dog sausages, salami, mushrooms, onions, tuna, ham and mozzarella/ cheddar cheese.

I used a pizza express pizza sauce which comes in a tin and is only 99p and really gives that authentic pizza taste but you could easily you passata/ tomato puree.
The bases you can buy in most major supermarkets! I've definitely seen them in Tesco and Morrison's and there really cheap around 70p-£1 for 2 good sized bases!!

It was also a great replacement for the usual takeaway we would usually get and ALOT cheaper!!
Here is James finished pizza (He chose onions, mushrooms, hot dogs and cheese for his toppings)

We had great fun making them and it cost around £5 to make 3 pizzas with lots of different toppings and we served ours with a salad. Not bad to feed a family of 3 and it definitely got a big thumbs up from James who loved the idea of helping make his own tea!


More meal ideas will be coming up in the week!! x

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  1. I keep meaning to do this with the boys - hoping it might tempt big man into eating it if he chooses the toppings