Saturday, 22 February 2014

Moving house!!

Hello everyone!

So on top of half term and being 6 months pregnant we are moving house next weekend!!

Our landlord of the current house we live in has decided to sell the house and so after 5 years here it's time for us to move on. I'm not going to lie as im sat here today surrounded by duct tape and boxes I'm dreading it already lol!

However I can't wait to get into our New house! It's bigger than the house we are in now and we have been told we can decorate as we please (something we were not allowed to do in this house) so I cannot wait to decorate my little man's bedroom and baby no2s nursery section! Aswell as making it more our home which some nice pictures and a splash of colour! 

It's so exciting yet stressful at the same time I'm not sure how I will cope with the having to take a back seat with the heavy lifting.... I'm more of a hands on get it done kind of girl lol! So I will have a few scheduled posts ready for next weekend whilst I move but I will be back to blogging as usual as soon as we're all moved in.

Hope you have all been well? 


  1. Glad you've found somewhere hun, and you can decorate to make it more your own home. We're still looking but can stay where we are until after our holiday which is a relief. Good luck with everything next weekend xx

  2. Good luck with the move and happy decorating. :D

  3. Good luck with it all! It'll be nice to be in a house you can make home :)

  4. Moving house is always so stressful... I hope everything goes well and it will be as "painless" experience as possible.

  5. goodluck, once youre in the house allthe fun begins

  6. Good luck with it, sit on your hands and supply the workers with tea. Looking forward to hearing all about it soon. xx

  7. Hope all went to plan & you've moved. I'm sure you have boxes everywhere and you're wondering if you will ever get the place sorted out!! We moved 2 years ago and I vowed never again lol. Wishing you lots of happiness in your new home :)