Saturday 26 April 2014

Little Ragamuffin, Wall stickers **REVIEW**

We recently received some lovely wall stickers from Little Ragamuffin to try out and help transform James' bedroom in to something a little more fun than the plain magnolia it currently is.

Little Ragamuffin Ltd is a new online company run by two working mums established in 2012. Located in Bedfordshire, they hope to give their customers an exciting range of children's bedroom and nursery accessories to choose from, with products being of an excellent quality and at affordable prices.

Not only do they provide products to transform your child's bedrooms, but also quirky, fun and unique accessories to add something extra special to your child's room. Little Ragamuffin also stock lots of great gift ideas for both boys and girls if you are looking for a gift that's a little different.

Little Ragamuffin's range includes bookendslightshadesdoor knobscushionscoat hooksheight charts, mobileswall stickers and other fun products that will help you transform your child's bedroom or nursery.

We received the Woodland growth height chart wall stickers for James' bedroom (This will also be peanuts bedroom when peanut is born and old enough to go into a cot but these stickers are definitely unisex so would suit a boy or girls bedroom). I love the idea that these are not only fun and add colour to his bedroom, but also provide a fun and interactive height chart too.

We were instantly impressed with the look and quality of the stickers. The colours were vibrant and they were a really good quality (definitely durable enough to be able to stick and then move and re-stick at a later date if required). The stickers came on 2 large sheets and were easy to peel off and apply with no tearing or creasing when using. Simply select where you want the stickers, peel off and carefully apply, I found it useful to have someone to help with the larger stickers to ensure they went on straight.

We loved the fact the tree incorporated a height chart which measures in inches and metrics onto the trunk, The sticker set also comes with little leaves which are labeled with Name and age so your child can measure themselves and then fill out there name and age on the sticker and place it on the correct level of the tree trunk. This will definitely be something lovely to look back on as he grows.

James loved measuring himself and sticking the leaf to the trunk and cant wait for peanut to come along so he can compare heights!

How cute are these vintage style animals that feature on these stickers!

Here is the finished wall! James loved it and they were really easy to apply.They really brightened up the room and are a great idea if you are looking for something to add a touch of colour or give a room something a bit extra without having to paint or wallpaper and at a fraction of the price then I would definitely recommend giving these a try.

Little Ragamuffin's have a HUGE range or wall stickers to suit any need. Aswell as a massive range of other products for childrens bedrooms and it is definitely worth checking out their website if you are thinking of decorating soon!

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  1. These are lovely. Such a clever idea to have the height chart included. We have Winnie the Pooh stickers in Potato's room, but they were such a nightmare to peel off the paper and stick on the wall without tearing them. These look much better. Am off to see what they have for when we redecorate Potato's room in the next few months

    1. Yea these were really easy to peel off and stick down I rearranged them a few times on the wall with no problems x

  2. I think wall stickers is a new trend these days, i'm always tempted to buy a set but then thinking that it might ruin the wall as we are renting

    1. They are deffinitely easier and quicker than painting or wall-papering lol!
      We are also in rented but these seem fab I did rearrange them a few times on the wall to get them how I wanted and they didn't leave any marks xx

  3. Love your review! The stickers look great, I really want something like this for Baby M when he's a little bigger, such a lovely idea #TriedTested

  4. They look lovely! Really gorgeous design, instantly brightening up a room.