Friday 25 April 2014

Pregnancy update!

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would share a pregnancy update with you all! 
Today I am 33 weeks! It seems like time has gone so quickly and suddenly its less than 2 months left and I am definitely not prepared lol!
I still have my hospital bag to pack although I have packed peanuts bag, which made it seem all so much more real washing and folding all the tiny clothes and hats!

We still don't know what gender peanut is and I really cannot wait to find out! 

Peanut has been a bit of a mischief maker and has had an irregular heartbeat at appointments and so I am being monitored weekly as my husband had 2 holes in his heart when he was born so they like to keep an eye on things. I did have a cardiology scan on baby but peanut was being rather unco-operative and refused to move so they were unable to get a clear picture so it has just meant a little extra monitoring during the pregnancy.

Here is a bump pic I took today at 33 weeks...

I also have my baby shower this weekend (Sunday) which is being thrown for me by the lovely Viccy from JellyRoseYate so look out for a blog post from that soon!

My sickness has also reared its ugly head again, alongside the strange cravings! This mornings breakfast was spicy chicken pasta and some smarties easter egg lol!! 

Did you have any strange cravings whilst you were pregnant?


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