Tuesday 22 July 2014

Last Day at nursery !!

Today I had a tear in my eye as I took a little longer driving James to nursery, I took a little longer walking across the car park and up the stairs to his nursery door, That's because today marked the end of another stage in James journey and signified the start of a whole new part of it. 

Today was James last day at nursery!
As I dropped him off I stayed a little longer at the door with a tear in my eye as I watched him run in the door greeting all his friends as they shouted his name to come and play. Giving the teacher a massive hug and sitting down on the carpet for registration.  

I know that today he will be leaving all these friends and teachers and although I am sure we will still see a few of his close friends again a lot of them will be moving on to school and making new friends just as James will be. 

James has loved nursery and has really thrived since starting. There has never been a day he has not wanted to go and always go bounding into the nursery class with a smile and leaves with the same smile (all be it a little more tired and usually covered in paint, sand or mud lol!). He has come on so much since starting nursery and can now confidently write his own name, count up to 20 and write letter and numbers all by himself and lots more. As well as because so much more courteous and polite.

When he walked into nursery on his first day he walked in my little baby I was so nervous about leaving him and how he would settle in and I left with a tear in my eye full of nerves for him, would he enjoy it and would he make friends. But today as I picked him up I walked out with a tear in my eye for a whole new reason! I didn't need to worry all that time ago he has done all the above and so much more!! As he walked out of nursery today he had blossomed from my little baby to this beautiful, confident and clever little boy. 
I am so proud of him! 

I am really sad about him leaving nursery and all that he will be leaving there but I am also so excited for the new journey he is about to start in school. 

I really cant thank all the staff at his nursery enough for all the time, effort and hardwork they have put into my little boy because without their help, time, care, and energy my little boy wouldn't be the little boy he is today! 

So although I stood at the door with a tear in my eye today it was a happy tear that he is about to start a new exciting road in his journey and he has been given the best possible start from nursery!

How did you feel on your little ones last day at nursery or school? 



  1. Aww! What a lovely post!
    My girl just finished Primary school on Friday.....I've been an emotional wreck!

  2. Awww! Such a lovely post! My daughter left nursery too! and will be FULL time in September! It's sad how fast they are growing up isn't it? :(

    Thanks for linking up #proudlittlemoments


  3. I was very sad when my eldest had his last day at nursery - not least because his nursery was on the same site as the school I was teaching at, and when he started school, he was a 20 minute drive away. We home educate now, so I won't be having that scenario with the youngest two, but there are plenty of other milestones which remind us how quickly they grow up!