Monday, 28 July 2014

Peanut's 7 Weeks!!!

Oh My Gosh!! Time is going so quickly!! My little boy has left nursery now and is heading onto his journey of school and peanut is now 7 weeks old! 

Peanut has changed so much in these last few weeks. She is such a little character now and is awake more and more every day. She is full of smiles and happily chirps awake to herself (these sounds literally melt my heart they are so cute lol). 

James is still totally in love with his little sister and is so protective of her and loves telling everyone all about his little sister. 

Peanut had her second home visit today from the health visitor and now weighs a whopping 10lb 11oz!! We have our 6 week check at the doctors tomorrow so we will get to find out how tall she is (I've always thought she seemed tall but they haven't done any height measurements until the 6 week check here). 
Shes a right little milky monster and is taking 5oz of milk every 2-3 hours in the day but is sleeping through they night only waking once for a feed (although last night she went from 11pm - 6am!). 

"Look how big I am now mummy!!"

I thought I would share some pictures of Peanuts ever changing funny faces and a few smiles too! 

I love these 2 little kiddiwinks so much! My heart melts and bursts with pride at them both.
 Im so proud of how well James did at nursery and how excited he is for school, He has learnt so much in his time at nursery and I know hes going to do fab in school too! 
My heart melts every time I get a cheeky smile from peanut or she coo's as she nestles into my chest.

Being a Mummy is my greatest most enjoyable achievement by far! 



  1. Ah so cute! I hope James enjoys school x


  2. She's gorgeous, as is James :) This is a lovely post that totally shrieks, 'proud mummy' :oD xx

  3. Being a Mummy is the best isn't it! They are both doing so well Zx

  4. They are so adorable. I am with you on the greatest achievement thing x

  5. I love cute baby pics! And good luck to your little boy as he starts his school journey.

  6. Ah, so sweet! They change SO quickly at this stage, don't they?

  7. Oh she's just too cute!!
    I love how close your children seem. Im about to have my 2nd, my eldest is 10 so a big age gap, he's so excited but I do worry he'll struggle after being on his own for so long!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...