Monday 28 July 2014

Peanut's 7 Weeks!!!

I can't quite believe it but Peanut is actually now 7 weeks old and already feels like she has been here forever. I don't know quite how it is possible but the last month of pregnancy seems to last forever, yet the first few months of a new baby seem to zoom by in the blink of an eye.

James has now left nursery too and will be heading on to start a brand new exciting adventure at school in September too so it really is all change around here for us all. I am not sure what he is more excited about, becoming a big brother (which he has taken to amazingly well) or starting school as he has been really looking forward to starting "big school" and making lots of new friends too. 

Over the last few months peanut has changed so much and we can really begin to see a cheeky little character forming now that she isn't sleeping or feeding every minute of the day (and night!). She has smiles for everyone and will happily gurgle and chirp along to herself almost seeming amused and excited at the different sounds she is making which is pretty funny to watch. She also has all the love for her big brother too and will happily sit and stare at home whilst he helps with her bottle and loves it when he joins her on the play mat. I think maybe she likes his voice or maybe its just the big smile he always has when he is around her? Either way I am absolutely loving watching their little sibling relationship grow as they bond and love each other as much as I love them. 

James is also very protective of his little sister and is the first to offer out advice on how to hold her or make her smile when we have visitors and is always the first to volunteer to push the pram or give her a bottle. Considering he had his heart set on us bringing home a baby brother I think its going pretty well! 

Peanut also has her second home visit this week from the health visitor as we have now been signed off from the midwife who was super happy with her progress. She now weighs 10lb 11oz which totally shocked me as James suffered with a lot of reflux so we really struggled with him gaining weight as a baby so it was such a relief to see those kind of numbers on the scale this time around. 

Although I did have an inkling she was gaining weight well as she is a complete milk monster and is already taking around 5oz of milk every 2-3 hours. I can't complain though as she is already sleeping through most nights with just one or two night feeds (and we have even had a few 11pm until 6am sleeps which leave you feeling so refreshed!). 

Of course having a 5 year age gap between James and Peanut has meant it has been a big learning curve for us all again but there are certain things like nappy changing and milk temp checking that just seem to all come back. I had so many worries about how I would cope once Peanut came along and having two children and whilst we have all had our frazzled moments I can safely say it is nowhere near as hard as I worked myself up to believe and we are all enjoying life as a family of four. 

Be sure to keep an eye on my blog as I will be sharing lots more updates as Peanut grows as well as lots of other blog posts too. 



  1. Ah so cute! I hope James enjoys school x


  2. She's gorgeous, as is James :) This is a lovely post that totally shrieks, 'proud mummy' :oD xx

  3. Being a Mummy is the best isn't it! They are both doing so well Zx

  4. They are so adorable. I am with you on the greatest achievement thing x

  5. I love cute baby pics! And good luck to your little boy as he starts his school journey.

  6. Ah, so sweet! They change SO quickly at this stage, don't they?

  7. Oh she's just too cute!!
    I love how close your children seem. Im about to have my 2nd, my eldest is 10 so a big age gap, he's so excited but I do worry he'll struggle after being on his own for so long!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...