Saturday 25 October 2014

Naturally Cool Kids - Vapour Stick **REVIEW**

As the cold weather creeps in and winter is upon us those pesky coughs and colds start creeping in, especially for those with children at school as the same cold just seems to circulate around the school.

The lovely people at Naturally Cool Kids have put a new twist on an old product.... The vapour stick! 
The Vapour Stick is designed to help clear little airways with as little mess and fuss as possible. The Naturally cool kids vapour stick contains all natural products including natural butters and essential oils and contains no petroleum!

The Vapour stick has a very easy to use twist function at the bottom and this maneuvers the vapour stick inside up and down. This means no mess or fuss and James was able to apply it himself. It also meant it was easy to apply at night time without having to worry about mess. 
The vapour stick got a big thumbs up from us! The first thing I noticed was the smell and it definitely wasn't as over powering as other vapour products I have tried, This was a big plus especially with using it on children. I also loved the fact it was mess free and James could apply this to himself (hes 5 going on 15 and wants to be Mr Idependant! lol). 
Another plus was that the Naturally Cool Kids vapour stick is suitable for use for children aged 3 months + so it meant both James and Evelyn could use it. 
James recently suffered from a cold and this really helped him sleep in the night and he was happy to use it and apply it himself with no fuss (I did help him apply it to his back of course). 

This super handy little vapour stick is a must have for when those nasty colds rear there ugly head! Its suitable for use by vegatarians and is soy, peanut oil and dairy free. 

Naturally Cool kids have lots of other products to check out too and you can see them all here on their website - www.naturallycoolkids.com

Do your children suffer from colds in the winter? How do you usually fight it? 


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  1. Hello Jessica,
    I am so glad I found this. This sounds fantastic. I have to order one and try it myself.

    German Girl in London