Saturday 25 October 2014

Wayfair - ABC Storage boxes **REVIEW**

I don't know about you but since having children I am always on the look out for storage, Its a constant battle between me and the toys that seems to multiple rapidly! 

So when the lovely people at Wayfair offered to send us the ABC storage boxes to try out I knew they would be put to good use!

Wayfair.co.uk is the online destination for all things home, They offer a zillion things home with a huge selection of home furnishing and decor in a wide range of styles and a range of prices to suit everyone. 
Wayfair make it easier than ever before to find exactly what you want all from the convenience of your owl home via their website and online shop.

The ABC storage boxes arrived quickly and well packed to protect them from any damaged and it definitely worked. The boxes are made of a hard wearing a sturdy card with the largest box measuring 24cm H x 24cm W x 24cm D and the smallest box measuring 18cm H x 18cm W x 18cm D.
The boxes look fantastic, which for us in a big thing as alot of James toys are downstairs in our living room so its nice to have his toys tidied into something that looks good too. 

The boxes open and close via an easy to use elastic cable and button which makes it easy for James to open and close by himself. 
I was a little worried that being card and not wood or plastic these wouldn't be very sturdy but I didnt need to worry. The boxes are very sturdy and can hold lots! Inside the boxes are plain white and there is plenty of room for lots of toys. The smallest box held about 25 of James small toy cars with a little room to spare! 
The JIP ABC storage boxes are a fab addition to our home and James loves them! It has given us lots of storage for all of his toys and it doesn't look out of place in our living room, This would also look fab in a bedroom or nursery! Priced at just £23.96 (price correct as of 25/10/2014) I think these are fab value for money. 

The ABC boxes are also available in Pink from the Wayfair website HERE
Here is a picture of James who is 5 stood next to his boxes so you can get an idea of size - 
Wayfair.co.uk offer so many more fantastic items including lots more storage solutions and much much more. Check out their website here - www.wayfair.co.uk

What is your favourite item from the Wayfair website? 


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  1. Love these boxes, you can never have too much storage with kids around! I love everything on the Wayfair website - there are some really funky and unusual pieces. x

  2. Those are really cute - but would be far too tiny to help with our storage issues!!

  3. These are so cute and very practical. I love the storage boxes on Wayfair, they have such a good selection x

  4. I would need an awful lot of these to keep our toys in check. You can never have too much storage!

  5. These are fantastic! I love the colours too!

  6. These are so sweet! I haven't heard of Wayfair before so off to check them out!

  7. I'm a bit storage obsessed - we live in a new house with very little storage so we have to be creative x x

  8. These look so cute and perfect to organise toys, books etc.

  9. They do look good, very nice to keep bit and pieces in them .

  10. I really love these storage boxes - they're perfect for a child's bedroom!

  11. These are lovely, would look fab in any room