Wednesday 10 December 2014

Happy half birthday Evelyn!

Evelyn turned 6 months yesterday!

I cannot believe its been 6 months since she came in to our lives! 

Evelyn is such a little character now, She is babbling and "almost" sitting unaided but will do it for a few seconds at a time when she wants too. Shes more interested in standing and looking at the big wide world around her and will quite happily stand (if you hold her hands) for ages. She can also roll from her back to her front but then cannot get back, which isnt very handy as she hates being on her front but insists on constantly rolling lol!

(Evelyn is such a big girl she can hold her own bottle now.) 

She is such a mummy's girl which is so lovely as James was a complete dad's boy. Although James is her absolute favourite of course and she always has a smile on her face for her big brother. Its so lovely watching them laugh, play and grow together. 

Evelyn is loving trying new foods and we are totally going along with the "food is fun until their 1 " moto and its been much less stressful for all of us. Her favourites are cucumber and baby biscotti. She does like toast but tends to just lick the butter off lol and she is definitely not loving carrot!. 

(Evelyn likes to sit in the sit up seat of the trolley for short periods of time so she can have a nosey round lol.)

Its really strange because it feels like she has been with us forever. I worried so much about how James would adapt to having another baby here and having to share us but he loves her so much I dont think he can remember a time when she wasn't here either, Hes just so happy to have someone to play with and to protect.

Evelyn is enjoying classes such as jolly babies, swimming and baby and me (a local class run by our local sure start centre) and we have met some fantastic friends through it too. She has a better social life than I do I think and just this week along has got 2 christmas parties! 

(Cuddles with daddy and her big brother!)

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  1. So cute! Congratulations to Evelyn and to you all. Such a lovely blog post.

  2. Aww, she's so cute. Happy six month birthday Evelyn :D

    Louise x

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