Sunday 7 December 2014

Nonabox **REVIEW** Box Three.

You may have noticed we have been reviewing Nonabox recently. If you haven't seen them yet check out our other reviews here BOX 1, BOX 2.

Nonabox is a monthly subscription box aimed at mums to be all the way up until your child is two. Each Nonabox is delivered straight to your door and will contain 6-9 high quality products tailored to you and your baby/ stage in pregnancy. 

Here is what was in our box this month...

Ella's Kitchen - Spinach, apples and swedes food pouch (stage 1 4 months+) RRP 99p each.
I love the Ella's kitchen range and find they have such a huge variety of flavours for baby to try! It was great to find a pouch that was tailored to my babies age inside the box too. 

Sleepytot bunny baby comforter - RRP £10.99.
This little bunny is so soft! It features velcro on its hands and feet which can be used to hold items such as a dummy or to be attached to the cot bars or pushchair. Evelyn doesn't use a dummy however it has been handy to be able to attach it to the pushchair so she cannot chuck it out! 

Yoomi 5oz Bottle - RRP £7.50
The Yoomi bottle is part of a unique warming system, It is first self-warming baby bottle, yoomi gently warms baby's feed to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds using a small pod that sits inside the bottle to warm it. I was however a little disappointed to find just the bottle in the box and no actual warming pod so I was unable to try out the whole unique system, However the bottle looks good and has a fab wide neck and soft flexible teat. 

Mum kind, Bump to baby nutrition bar - RRP £2
This is a cereal bar with milk choc chips and raisins and then dipped in chocolate!
"Nutritionally balanced for pregnant women, 'Bump to Baby enhanced bars' are the perfect portable snack for busy days. With 25% NRV* of 18 key nutrients (essential for mums-to-be and her baby) such as Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron and Vitamin K they are a chocolate treat that’s much better for you." I was a little disappointed I didn't find these whilst I was pregnant as it was delicious and could have really topped up my nutrients through the morning sickness!

Gumigem teething necklace - RRP £10.35
I already have a circular pendant style Gumigem necklace and LOVE them! My little girl loves twiddling with the cord when feeding and it has been great for her to chew on when I have been carrying her in the sling. These necklaces are not only stylish but practical too and made from washable silicone they are great for teething babies. 

Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffles 50g - RRP £1.00
Of course I was happy to see these in the box who doesn't love chocolate lol! These delicious truffles melt in your mouth. The box is mostly aimed at baby products so it was lovely to have something for myself to enjoy inside. 

I have loved receiving the Nonabox, The excitement of finding out what is inside the box each month is fantastic. I love the fact it gives you the opportunity to try out high quality products from companies you may or may not of heard of before for a fraction of the price! 

Do you fancy trying out Nonabox for yourself or do you want to find out a little more? Check out the website here - nonabox.co.uk.

You can also stay up to date with all the latest news and offers via the Nonabox Facebook page here - www.facebook.com/nonabox.

What product you like the look of the most out of this box? 


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  1. Nonabox's are a fabulous idea and I really want one! ^^

  2. I think these are such a good idea, it must be lovely to see what you have in the box each month.



  3. I've heard about Nonabox but never tried, it looks very interesting! x