Sunday 26 July 2015

My Wedding Day!

This is a bit of an oldie but I realised today I haven't shared by wedding story with you and as last week marked our 3rd wedding anniversary I though this would be great chance to share our wedding day with you!

We got married on 21st July 2012 on a lovely sunny day in St Peters church in Wapley. 

The days running up to the wedding had been pretty rubbish weather and I even went as far as hiring wedding umbrella's for photos in case it rained, however come our wedding day the sun was shining and it ended up being beautiful weather all day! 

The morning of the wedding I was joined at mine (whilst Frank stayed the night at his mums) by my 4 bridesmaids and flower girls where we all had our hair done and did our make up. Our flowers arrived and they were so stunning I couldn't believe it! 

As 2pm approached my bridesmaids headed off ahead of me to the church whilst I spent a little time alone with my dad before the car returned to collect me. As we got in the car my nerves (that had been pretty calm all day) suddenly sank in, I couldn't stop shaking so a quick drink was in order and off we headed for the church.

As we got there we were greeted by the vicar who would marry us and my bridesmaids, we were told how we would enter the church etc at this point my cold feet most definitely kicked in. As the music started and my bridesmaids headed in to the church I told my dad I had changed my mind and perhaps we should just go home lol! He got me in to the church all be it very shaken and it was a beautiful service where myself and Frank left as man and wife!!

After the wedding service we headed off to Chipping Sodbury Town hall for our wedding reception where we enjoyed a lovely sit down meal with close friends and family, laughed at the speeches (that even involved a piece of actual toast from the best man.... don't ask lol!) and enjoyed mingling with our guests before our evening reception began. 

We were joined by more of our friends for our evening reception which was a DJ and Buffet and lots of dancing! We had our first dance which even included a bubble machine, we had Goo Goo dolls - Iris as our first dance and half way through the song as all of our guests to join us which was lovely to have them all part of such a special moment. 

We had a beautiful day that we will remember forever and were extremely lucky to be able to share it with so many of our friends and family and of course our little boy James!

I hope you have enjoyed looking through some of our wedding photos! 


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  1. Congratulation to your anniversary day,this day you and your wife do very fun like dj party also dance.Both ride car and move to church,many flower girls through flower bride and groom.