Thursday 23 July 2015

Collins Big Cats books **REVIEW**

When James started school in September he couldn't really read at all but he loved having books read to him. When he started school he showed a really keen interest in learning to read and quickly learnt and now according to his teacher is above expectations for his year and you simply can't stop him from reading!

James brings home a book a week from school and we also make regular trips to the library as he just can't get enough of reading. So when we were given the opportunity to try out some Collins big cat reading lion books I knew they would be a hit with James.

Collins big cat reading lion books are a huge selection of topical fiction and non-fiction books written by the best authors and illustrators known for creating beautiful books and engaging stories that are loved by children. These books have been used in UK schools to help children learn to read but they are now available for you to purchase from the high street to use and read at home, making them more accessible and making learning phonics fun at home! 

We received a lovely set of books from Collins big cat that were tailored to James stage of reading. That's the great thing about Collins big cat is that you can purchase books that are at the right level for your child rather than guessing or worrying if the book is to easy or hard. 

The different levels available are - 

Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 1: First Reading at Home
Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 2: Practice Reading at Home
Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 3: Supported Reading at Home
Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 4: Confident Reading at Home
Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 5: Independent Reading at Home
Big Cat Reading Lions – Level 5: Fluent Reading at Home

The set we received was the Collins big cat reading lions supported at home Level 3 for ages 6-7. As well as the story these books also contain helpful activities that encourage your children to answer questions about the book or the words within the book to help them understand and enjoy learning even after the story has finished. 

The books are not only fun to read for children but they help build reading, listening and speaking skills. 

The set contains 6 books and is priced at £24.00 for the set. It contained the following books - 

What’s that Building? by Richard Platt
Unusual Traditions by John McIlwain
How to be a Knight by Scoular Anderson
Chewy Hughie by Jane Clarke
Twinkle, Twinkle Firefly by John Agard & Grace Nichols
Mountain Mona by Vivian French

Here is a clip of James reading one of his favourite books in the set "Chewy Hughie".

We also received the Collins picture atlas which was fantastic, even I as an adult enjoyed browsing through it. Its not like a traditional atlas, its much more fun! The pages are packed full of colourful eye catching images to go with the snippets of facts about the different country or continents. It also helps children learn about different people, animals and the different cultures around the world. 

I think this atlas would be the perfect learning tool for children learning about different places and as it contains images as well as writing its easy to understand even for younger readers. It is aimed at children aged 4-8 although I think children even older than 8 would still enjoy reading it. 

Here are some of the colourful pictures you can find within the Picture Atlas. 

If you want to find out more about the whole Collins collection you can visit their website here - www.collins.co.uk

Do your children enjoy reading? Whats your child's favourite book? 


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  1. The Atlas is fab, really well designed. Darcie has TONS of books but we don't actually have an atlas, so i think I will make a note of this and have words with Santa! xxx

  2. They look like gorgeous books. I love to see children reading. We're big fans of Julia Donaldson's books, my daughter's current favourite is Paper Dolls

  3. I've not heard of these books before, but they look great! We're real book worms so I'm always excited to discover new books. I'll have to give these a go :)

  4. These look great for when Pickle is a bit older and starts school :) Kaz x