Tuesday 21 July 2015

June Degustabox!

If you like trying new food and drink and love the sound of it being convinently delivered to your doorstep each month for a low monthly cost them Degustabox is for you! 

Degustabox is a monthly subscription box which contains between 9 and 12 items for you to try. Some will be completely new brands/ products and others may be things you have tried before. Degustabox costs just £12.99 a month (but I have a discount code at the end of this post!).

Here is what was in this months box - 

Rekorderlig Cider 
I was so excited to see this in this months box I most definitely swiped it before anyone else had a chance! I received the strawberry and lime flavour and it was amazing, the only way to describe it would be a fresh fruity summer in a bottle and it would be the perfect drink to accompany a summer bbq or summer evening drinks with friends. 

Choc Chip/ Chocolate Brioche Pasquier 
These have made a few appearances in the Degustabox but they always go down well with the kids and they are so handy for lunch boxes or summer picnic baskets! The soft sweet brioche mixed with the creamy chocolate chips make the perfect combination for a sweet snack. They now come in a pack of 4 and are individually wrapped making them easier to pop into a lunchbox or bag. 

I have to admit I was a little miffed at what this was when I first got it out the box but soon discovered it was basically an adult ice pop! how cool is that!? They RRP at £2.50 so a little pricey but they are so much fun and would be a great addition to an adults summer party or barbecue! They are available in a range of natural fruity flavours and are 6.4% vodka. 

Love Chin Chin snacks
This West African sweet snack is manufactured in the UK and made with 100% natural ingredients. We were sent the Cinammon flavour and the Love Chin Chin motto of crunches like a biscuit tastes like a cake certainly range true! I found these really moreish and something a little bit different to your normal "sweet snack".

Vybe coconut water 
Coconut water seems to have been quite popular in the last few Degustaboxes and has made various apperances from different brands, im not going to lie im not a huge fan as I really dislike the taste of coconut. However I know that coconut water offers great health benefits and if you are a fan of coconut then this would most likely be something you would really enjoy. 

Kallo corn and rice snacks
Kallo wholegrain corn and rice snacks are low in fat and calories so I was really excited to find these in my box as I have been trying to find "healthier" snack alternatives! The Kallo corn and rice "crisp" were lovely, they had a great crunch and were packed full of flavour. The chocolate covered Kallo snacks were equally delicious and even the kids liked them! 

Zeo Drinks 

Zeo are lightly carbonated soft drinks blending 98% spring water blended with naturally extracted fruits and botanicals and a touch of stevia for sweetness. The flavours we tried were peach and grapefruit and the lime versions. Both flavours had a strange taste to begin with but I soon got used to these and actually found them quite refreshing. These are definitely more of an adult fizzy drink flavour though. 

Melba Thins
I tried the original version of these in a previous Degustabox and they were a hit so I was looking forward to trying the wholegrain version this month. Melba thins make a great quick lunch and are so versatile they can be topped with literally ANYTHING! They have a nice crunch and are actually really filling. 

So there you have Junes Degustabox, as you can see its packed full of goodies to try and from lots of different brands too. 

If you fancy trying out Degustabox for yourself you can order yours via the website here - www.degustabox.com and I have a discount code for you too, just enter XP1PP at the checkout!


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  1. I have read many reviews on Degustabox, I am impressed with the quality of the products and the variety but as a Home Bargain faithful customer, I find it hard to part with £12.99 on a selection of things I don't get to choose :-).xx