Friday 17 July 2015

OXO tots products **REVIEW**

You may have seen a few months ago we reviewed some products from the OXO tot range include a divider plate and beaker which we loved, if you haven't seen the review you can find it HERE.

Well OXO tot very kindly sent us some more of there products to try out as Evelyn is getting bigger and moving on to a whole new range of feeding and drinking utensils!

We received the Flippy snack cup, Fork and spoon set and the training cup. 

First of all we tried the fork and spoon set which is priced at £7.00, Evelyn has been showing some interest in feeding herself with cutlery and these looked like a good size for her to try with. 

In fact the set was fantastic!  The smooth yet non slip grippy and chunky handles offered Evelyn the perfect handle to get a good sturdy grip on both the fork and spoon and help her navigate around her food. The spoon has a deep centre meaning food actually stays on the spoon and the fork has a great wide surface area for holding food too. This cutlery set makes a great starter set for toddlers to get used to using cutlery before moving on to more grown up cutlery. 

Next up we tried the Flippy snack cup which is priced at £6.00, I was really excited to try this as Evelyn likes to launch her snacks especially out of the pushchair and then cries when all her food is gone (baby logic hey!?). 

The Flippy snack cup features a soft flexible opening which gives little hands easy access to the goodies inside but stops even the smallest of snacks escaping! The snack cup also comes with a lid which is great for when you want to pop the snack cup in your bag or when not in use to keep the product inside fresh. The Flippy snack cup features a small tea cup style handle on the side which a non slip surface and is the perfect size for little hands to easily grab hold of. 

Evelyn was a little miffed at how to get the contents out from the cup at first and looked a little confused at why I was handing her something she couldn't get. However after a few tries and me showing her how it was done she soon had the hang of it and now it comes everywhere with up! A must have purchase for anyone! 

Finally we tried the training cup priced at just £6. Evelyn has been getting on really well with her OXO tots beaker (which you can see in the previous review post, link at the top) and so I thought it would be a great time to introduce the training cup (Evelyn is 13 months old). 

The training cup features a translucent lid insert with perforations around the perimeter which controls the flow of liquid when a child tilts the cup to drink. There are also non slip grips on either side of the cup to make it easier to a child to hold on to. The training cup has a 200ml capacity. 

 Whilst I don't expect her to be perfect at using it I would like her to be familiar with the training cup as it will eventually hopefully help with her transition from beaker to normal cup in the future. Evelyn actually got on better than I expected and knew exactly what to do with the training cup, we did have some spills etc and I am still holding the cup for her whilst she drinks but we will keep using it so she becomes familiar with it and hopefully more confident with using it. 

Overall we have been thoroughly impressed with the products we have tried from the OXO tots range and have found them fairly priced and high quality.

Do you use any OXO tot products? 


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  1. Can't believe how grown up she looks with a beaker?

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. We have that cutlery set and it is the one Sebby prefers to use

  3. I haven't tried the kiddies bits, but I do use some OXO Good Grips products and they are fabulous!

  4. These sound like great products fot todllers to learn to use cutlery. I think Evelyn does a great job of handling each of these products.

  5. Ah! I remember this stage well! OXO Tots products weren't around when I was teaching my kids to feed themselves but it looks a fab set!

  6. That snacks cup looks amazing - it really does look like a must have for toddlers x x

  7. My children are too old now but these really do look amazing. My daughter especially would have done well with one of those trainer cups, it took her ages to actually drink from a cup properly. My son was the one who liked to throw away his snacks so I know what you mean there. Great products!