Monday 24 August 2015

LEGO Dream Home competition with Ocean Finance.

If there is one thing that can keep James quiet and still except for a near miracle is LEGO! He can happily spend hours with his box of LEGO and his imagination creating weird and wonderful creations and then making up stories with them.

So when we were recently asked my the lovely people at Ocean Finance to let James create his dream home using LEGO we knew he would gladly accept the challenge! Armed with his box of LEGO and his Marvel superhero LEGO men James set about creating his dream home. Here is James dream home and the descriptions he has given me for the different bits of it -

James humble abode features a double diving board, water slide, bat signal, motorbike and even a baddie! When I asked James about why his house was striped he said its because "it looks like a rainbow and rainbows make people happy and smiley and he wants his happy to be a happy fun place that makes people smile". Very cute I thought and I love the thoughts he has put in to even the outside of his house like the colours and stripes representing a rainbow!

Apparently the double diving board is so that both he and his sister can play together in the swimming pool without having to wait for turns. James said the water goes under ground from the swimming pool to make the water slide wet!

The house also features its own red wheelbarrow, this is for collecting strawberries and potatoes from tea time apparently and these are grown in the garden of the house. The bat baddie protects the house and all of the fruit and veg we collect so that slugs don't get it!

So according to James this is himself riding on a motorbike! Apparently its the most coolest way to get around! (Mummy says don't forget your helmet James!).

Im pretty sure this is where the ultimate dream bit comes in to James house! This is the helicopter landing pad, its where we can fly on holidays but its also where Batman lands. Apparently the little black batman symbol you see is what we press if we are in trouble or we need some help and when you press it Batman comes and lands and helps you, the blue dish on the side of the house gives us good tv and also is how Batman heres our signal call apparently.

James had so much fun creating his dream home and loves telling people all about it.

Do your little ones love playing with LEGO?


James is aged 5 and created this Lego house, This post was created as an entry into the Ocean Finance LEGO dream homes competition. 


  1. What a great house! Loving all the detail especially the Batman symbol.

  2. I can't wait till mine are old enough to play with lego because i Love it. Were still on the big duple blocks at the min. x

  3. We took part in this too and had lots of fun. I love Lego, it brings back such fab memories from my own childhood too

    Cat x

  4. This is fab! How creative! Love the satellite dish and batman distress button! xx

  5. How cute it that! I'm with him on the heli-pad for personal and Batman use.

  6. ah its gorgeous, he did a super job, love that he even included a satalite dish

  7. Oh we entered this competition too! Love your house - some great ideas. Kaz x