Monday 31 August 2015

Meal planning Monday!

I don't know about you but my food shopping seems to have been getting more and more expensive as the weeks go by, yet I seem to have less in my trolley!

I have to admit though I am guilty of falling into the trap of "offers" and "deals" then end up losing track of what actual meals I've purchased, yet I always seem to have an abundance of snacks etc. This usually then results in several trips to the supermarket in the week buying ingredients to complete meals for the week, wasting more and more money in the process.

So in a bid to save money and be a bit more organised I have decided to start meal planning! I have also joined up with the Meal Planning Mondays linky so each week I will share with you our meal plan for the week and what we will be eating.

I am hoping this will help keep me on track, of course I am not totally unrealistic, I realise there are days when plans may differ or change for various reasons but I think a meal plan will definitely help us keep more organised and keep the expensive "quick trips" to the supermarket down!

So here is week 1 meal plan for us -

  • Spaghetti Bolognaise with Garlic bread,
  • Tomato, chicken and bacon pasta bake with crusty bread,
  • Pizza (usually on James swimming lesson day as we get home late),
  • Cheese and bacon jacket potatoes with beans and veg,
  • Chicken pie, mash, peas, sprouts and gravy,
  • Homemade chips with burgers and salad,
  • Chicken fried rice with spring rolls and curry sauce. 
These are necessarily in the order we will eat them in but it means I know what I need to buy at shopping and it means we will have all of the ingredients for all of the above meals and we can all pick which one we fancy on a day to day basis. 

Do you have any favourite meals to share as I would love some new ideas! 



  1. Saving money is the main reason as to why I meal plan....It works! We end up with less waste at the end of the week too! A great first meal plan! There are a lot of my fave meals there :) x

  2. Saving money and have more inspiration rather than just grabbing something on the day is such a good idea.

  3. I have been slacking in my meal planning for a while now, after my holiday I need to get back so I can save money as its too expensive to shop these days

  4. Even before I started slimming world I used to meal plan and it saves me a fortune! With 6 mouths to feed I can do without the lure of special deals

  5. That's a good idea to meal plan, I leave this to my husband as he does the shopping and the cooking, lol that sounds bad but he's a much better cook than me!!

  6. Your meal plan sounds gorgeous... I really shouldn't read meal plan posts on an evening, I am starving now! We meal plan to save money and also because we normally freeze most of our meat and I always forget to get something out of the freezer, at least if its on the wall its easier to see and Mr T can see it too! Otherwise we would end up eating 'cook from frozen' sausages every night! Have a lovely week x

  7. I really need to up my meal planning, to save money and to help me on my slimming world journey! Your food menu looks super tasty though! x

  8. I am seeing lots of meal plans at the moment - I really need to get planning mine! I waste too much food. Kaz x

  9. I really should get back to meal planning for the few days I cook. Stuck in a rut again, but really need to get back to eating more healthily (which doesn't always work for the OH)

  10. Every single week I say I'm going to do this, and then I don't. We are big fans of stir frys! Lots of veg and only take 15-20 mins to cook.

  11. I always try to meal plan but it doesn't always go to plan......

  12. I try to meal plan and when I do I save money too. I also do a freezer plan and cupboard plan and try to use what I have in. Really need to do this more Jo

  13. I need to start this back up again. We end up eating the same things and food runs out mid week.

    I aim for a pasta dish, fish dish, chicken dish and beef. Then pot luck for the rest!!! Favourites in our house are chicken wraps/fajitas