Wednesday 2 September 2015

DK Carol Vorderman Workbooks **REVIEW**

One of the things I always worry about during school holidays such as the summer holidays and the half term holidays is keeping James occupied and still eager and interested in learning. 

I am always looking for different things to keep him engaged with learning and his mind still ticking over even when not attending school, so when we came across the range of Carol Vorderman workbooks from DK I was excited to see how James would get on with them. 

Carol Vorderman is the number one bestselling children's education author* and is the author of the 10 Minutes A Day Spelling Fun and 10 Minutes A Day Vocabulary workbooks, newly released as part of the English Made Easy range published by DK. Carol Vorderman MA (Cantab) MBE, is one of Britain's best-loved TV presenters and is renowned for her skills in mathematics. She has hosted numerous shows from light entertainment with Carol Vorderman's Better Homes and The Pride of Britain Awards, to scientific programmes such as Tomorrow's World, on the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4. Whether co-hosting Channel 4's Countdown for 26 years, or advising Rt. Hon David Cameron on the future of UK mathematics education, Carol has a passion and devotion to explaining educational subjects in an exciting and easily understandable way.

As James is 5 we received the books aimed at his age range which were - 

- 10 Minutes A Day Spelling Fun (ages 5-7) (DK, £5.99)
- Made Easy Spelling Punctuation and Grammar (ages 5-7) (DK, £3.99)
- 10 Minutes A Day Maths (ages 5-7) (DK, £5.99)

There are also workbooks available for ages 7-11 if you have slightly older children! 

One thing that is unique about these books is that they feature a timer! I love this added feature and it certainly got James interested too. The timer is easy to use with a simple start and stop button so even children can activate it themselves. The idea is to set the timer as the child begins and they simple complete 10 minutes of the workbook each time. The timer is automatically set and once 10 minutes is reached it will beep to let you know.  

James has quite a short attention span, as I am sure most 5 year old's do! So getting him to sit down and capture his imagination can be quite challenging but these books certainly did just that, he was actually asking to do some more each evening! Each page is set out spaciously and easy to read with eye catching colours and tasks meaning they really grab you in the to page and grab children imagination and attention. 

These workbooks fully support the new National Curriculum at Key Stage 1 and 2, and are designed to help your child with schoolwork and home practice in a fun and engaging way. 

We have started doing 10 minutes of spelling and 10 minutes of maths a night and James hasn't moaned once as its only 10 minutes it doesn't take to long or seem like to much work even though he seems to be learning so much through just 10 minutes a night, and most importantly he seems to be having fun whilst learning! 

Parents don't worry, if there are any questions you are not 100% sure on then all of the answers are at the back of the book so you can check all of the answers are correct! Some of the books even come with little gold stars for younger ones which you can stick on the page (or give to them) when they complete tasks or pages. 

To find out more about 10 Minutes A Day Spelling Fun and 10 Minutes A Day Vocabulary and further education titles by Carol Vorderman, visit DK.com.

Do your children like doing workbooks? 


**I was not paid for this post, I was sent this item in return for an honest review. 
All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own and written by me. **


  1. We loved homework books, I think it pays off in the routine too as my Teen always does his homework, ok maybe he's not smiling as much now. We have the Carol Voderman GCSE Maths book & refer to it as an extra when revising.

  2. These sound such a good idea - with everyone going back to school, it's really brought home to me that my girl will be off there next year so we're not too far off needing these ourselves.

  3. Wow if these books make my 5 years old still for 10 minutes and do some homework I'm off to buy them right now!! It is so hard to get her concentrated for more than 5 minutes!! She just have to move around! I can see from your photos that your boy really like them so I should give it a go. Hopefully the clock will motivate her to do the 10 minutes. Thanks for sharing, It looks great! xx


  4. We are not at this stage yet, but they look great. The timer is a great idea x

  5. My littlest loves doing this type of thing whilst her big brother and sister are doing their homework. I'll have to look out for these.

  6. I remember using these style of books when I was little, I loved them! It's a great way on cementing learning. We're not at this stage yet but I'm secretly looking forward to these moments. Must be the teacher in me xxx

  7. These look really fantastic & very education. I love that a timer comes with it! What a great idea x

  8. I do not yet have kids but these books look really fun and educational and something my nephew would love am sure especially the timer for is age