Thursday 24 March 2016

Gro-To-Bed bedding **REVIEW**

**AD - Review**

Moving a child from their cosy cot into a big bed for the first time feels like such a huge step. I remember the day I first moved Evelyn and it felt like such a big move, not to mention how small she looked in the big single bed

If I am honest Evelyn was probably ready for a big bed for a little while before we moved her but as a nervous parent (with memories of how difficult the move was for her brother!) I was keen to hold off on the move for as long as possible. The cot provided her a safe space, no rolling or falling out of bed and no worries about her getting up in the night and hurting herself or going for a wander when we were all asleep.

However she has pretty much outgrown the cot and has made several escape attempts so we made the decision to move her into a big bed.  Perfectly times, we were recently contacted by The Gro Company who offered us a Gro-To-Bed set to review and as we were just thinking of moving Evelyn in to a single bed this seemed like the perfect opportunity and we couldn't wait to try it out. 

The Gro-To-Bed bedding is easy to fit on the bed with the base sheet fitting around most standard mattresses. The set is complete with a large elasticated strap that slides onto the mattress and actually goes around the mattress completely (around the middle of the bed) ensuring the sheet stays in place even if your little one is a wriggler!

The pillow case is actually attached to the fitted sheet ready for you to simply slide your child's normal pillow inside the pillow case. I love this feature as it meant the pillow didn't slip of the bed and stayed securely in place all night. It would have been great if the pillow case was removable in some way (perhaps zips or buttons) so I could wash it independently without having to strip all of the sheets. However this isn't possible but the pro's of the pillow firmly staying in place definitely outweigh the not being able to remove it for us.  

The bedding set also includes a single size duvet cover too which can be used with any standard size single duvet. You just pop the duvet inside the cover as you would do any other duvet cover, however this one has the added extra of zips! Once you have placed your duvet inside you will find 2 zips, one side of the zips runs along the base sheet the other on the duvet cover. You simply zip these up and when your child snuggles down in to the duvet they can no long roll out the sides of the bed as the zips create almost a tube inside the bed that keeps your child secure. It also means the duvet can't roll off the bed or become twisted and tangled around your child.  

Evelyn is a complete wriggler in bed and you will never find her laying the same way you placed her in fact she constantly moves throughout the night, it was one of our main worries about putting her in a single bed. This is why we were so excited when we heard about the Gro-To-Bed bedding! 

Overall we loved the Gro-To-Bed set, the designs available are very cute and they really do work. The sets are easy to use and place on the bed and super soft against babies skin. Evelyn's pillow and duvet have stayed in place every night and we have all slept a little sounder knowing she is safer now that she can't really roll out.

The Gro-To-Bed set is priced at £49.99 for a cot bed size or £59.99 for a single bed size. I know at first glace the price does seem steep but I since trying it I can honestly say it is worth every £! Firstly for that price you are getting a whole bed set including pillow case, base sheet and duvet cover (although the set does not include the actual pillow or duvet). Each item is 100% premium cotton so fantastic quality too.


**I was not paid for this post, I was sent this item in return for an honest review. 
All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own and written by me. **

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