Tuesday 7 June 2016

Ecoegg fresher for longer discs **REVIEW**

Since I have been trying to loose weight I have been trying to keep our fruit bowl topped up however this has meant frequent visits to the fruit and veg stall near us as we all know fruit doesn't seem to ever last very long!

However Ecoegg may have just found the solution to that problem!! The fresher for longer discs!

These clever little discs can help prolong the life of your fruit and veg and all you need to do is place one of these discs near your fruit and veg.
You can use the discs in your fruit bowl, in the fridge even in a cool box or lunch box and they will work their magic keeping your fruit and veg fresher for longer.

The technology used in the fresher for longers discs is the same thing used on cruise ships to help keep fruit and veg fresh for longer periods of time at sea. Its also what is used in large supermarket warehouses to help keep your fruit and veg fresher for when it reaches you in the stores! 

 As fruit and veg start to go off they give off ethylene gas. The problem is that ethylene gas also causes fruit and veg to go off and so you get a vicious circle.  This is why, when fruit and veg start to go off, they go off very quickly!  The fresher for longer discs break the cycle by absorbing the ethylene gas, slowing down the decay process and keeping your food fresher for longer. Saving you money and meaning less waste from gone off fruit and veg. 

We gave the discs a try and I was apprehensive if they would work, I couldn't see how a tiny disc could help keep my fruit fresher for longer but it really works! Most of my soft fruit such as peaches, strawberries etc seem to go off within a few days of purchase but using the discs these lasted most of the week (we had eaten them all by the end of the week!). The bananas in our fruit bowl didn't turn brown as quickly either and fruit seemed to stay "firmer" when using the discs. I have been so impressed with these discs and will be continuing to use them for my veg in the fridge and in my fruit bowl. They have already saved us money and cut down on waste as we are chucking away less fruit and not having to purchase new so often. I can now but a full weeks worth of fruit during my weekly shop and be assured it will lat us the week when using the fresher for long discs. 

You can purchase a set of 4 discs from the Ecoegg website for £7.99 and as each disc lasts for 3 months this is a years worth of discs for just £7.99, fantastic value for money. 


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  1. The price is a good deal with the time you can actually use the Ecoegg fresher.