Friday 10 June 2016

Happy Birthday Evelyn, You are 2!

Happy Birthday Evelyn!!

Its hard to believe your 2 today, my tiny baby it feels like I have blinked and you have grown not only in height but in beauty and attitude too.

When I brought you home those 2 years ago little did we realise what a little whirlwind you would become. James was so chilled out as a baby so when you came along with your wild ways, constant feeding and need to be held 24/7 it was certainly a shock to the system for us all. Would we change you... hell no!! You are your own little diva and we love you for it, ok our bodies may not thank you for the night waking and early rises but one flash of your cheeky smile in the morning and all is always forgiven.

Now your 2 and it feels like I want to bottle up this moment and save it forever. Your so cheeky and outgoing you really seem to have no fear. You are so independent and im certain you think you can keep u with your brother even though he is 5 years older. You may be a diva but you have a heart of gold and are so caring and kind.

It definitely seemed like you loved opening up your presents too -

We enjoyed Evelyns birthday by taking a lovely stroll to the park with her best friend and even stopped in a lovely little cafe for cake!

Happy 2nd Birthday Evelyn, I love you!


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  1. Aww! How lovely! Happy birthday Evelyn! I hope she had a fab day x