Sunday 24 July 2016

BubbleBum Junkie **REVIEW**

Since having kids the back of our car looks like a busy table at a car boot sale! Every time we get in the car they both insist on bringing a toy, a drink often a snack, however there is nowhere to actually store these once in the car. They therefore usually end up on the floor or the drunks getting spilt on the back seats and crumbs scattered everywhere. So when we were recently offered a Junkie to try from the lovely people at BubbleBum I hoped this would solve our problem. 

The Junkie aims to eliminate everything I mentioned above with its funky, fun design and various compartments to cater for all your children's needs. The Junkie features 2 drinks holders, a large insulated tote style bag which can also be removed leaving a large collapsible pocket area for toys to be stored. The Junkie also has 2 fold down trays and even a "tech holder" to hold a tablet. 

Our first impressions of the Junkie were great, we loved the design and whilst quite bulky it felt sturdy and well made, which is great for kids as we all know they can be quite rough or boisterous. The black gloss and splashes of yellow on the Junkie meant it wasn't to garish and didn't look out of place once stored in the car. 

The "tech holder" is a great edition to the Junkie. We don't tend to have the tablet in the car for short journeys but for long trips such as holidays etc this will be perfect. It means both kids can watch something on the tablet without arguing over who gets to hold it. The tablet holder is at just the right level for them both to be able to watch too so this got a big thumbs up from us. 

The only cons we found with Junkie were that the fold down trays are quite small and as the Junkie is stored in the centre of the back seat with the trays are attached to the main Junkie body. This means that for us the trays didn't seem to come out far enough into James and Evelyn's lap to make it practical to use. It meant they had to lean in to the centre of the car to use it and since Evelyn has harness straps she found it quite frustrating she couldn't do this. 

The insulated tote bag that comes with the Junkie is a fantastic idea. Its perfect for storing snacks and drinks in when on a long journey (and no worrying about food melting or getting too warm!). Its also great for letting the kids pack their own snacks in and taking along for a picnic etc. Both kids loved the cute design on it.

For us the Junkie is perfect it means all the kids toys, drinks and snacks can be stored neatly away keeping the floor clear of everything, it can then be easily removed from the car when needed. Yes the Junkie could benefit from a few tweaks such as the distance and size of the trays however these are such small issues compared to how useful the Junkie has been for us. 

If you have kids who like to bring everything in to the car definitely check out the BubbleBum Junkie! 


**I was not paid for this post, I was sent this item and we used the item to produce this honest review. 
All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own and written by me. **


  1. This looks so handy - definitely would have loved one in the car when I was a nipper off on my hols!

  2. This is such a good idea, so handy for little kids!


  3. What a great idea!