Monday 1 August 2016

Evelyn Update - 2 years old.

Its been a while since I did a little update for both James and Evelyn but some time has passed now and I thought it would be a nice time to update you all on how they both are. This is Evelyn's update but you can also check out James here.

Can you believe Evelyn is 2 already (with the attitude of a teenager!). She certainly knows her mind and isn't afraid to put her foot down to get it. She refers to herself as "Princess Coco Pono something I am sure she has picked up from watching her favourite TV show Bing Bunny. Its quite funny really as she demands others call her this too!

Evelyn recently had her very first hair cut. It wasn't actually planned as we had gone to get James hair cut however the lovely man was certain he could get Evelyn to sit still long enough to cut her hair. I had explained my worries about her sitting still and her hatred towards the brush to him but he was still wanting to try. You see at home I only have to bring out the brush and she drops to the floor in a oscar winning performance tantrum so I had avoided haircuts all together.

Would you believe it though she sat still the whole time and loved it! I swear she does it to make me look stupid! Ok so the princess cape and lolly pop may have had something to do with it but still I was pretty impressed and her first hair cut was complete (just a trim to tidy up her wild curls).

Evelyn still loves the water (and being under it) and we swim at least once a week with one of her little friends at our local leisure centre. Its a lovely time for me and her to do something together whilst James is at school and its lovely seeing her confidence grow each time.

Bedtime is something we are still working on, whilst she does stay asleep once she is asleep the getting to sleep is the real issue. Some days she refuses to settle until 10pm which is pretty tiring especially when she is up around 6am most morning. She is sharing a room with her brother in a bunk bed which she loves so I am hoping this may just be a phase and we will eventually find our own routine.

James and Evelyn are still very close and she is loving having him off for the holidays and I think he is loving being home with her too. Its been nice not to have to worry about school pick ups and drop offs and just spend some quality time together. Saying this though they do bickering LOTS! Its usually over the most pointless things too, yesterday they argued over who could hold the empty doughnut pack in the car... yes really! I suppose this is to be expected with brothers and sisters though.

Evelyn has developed in to a crazy, strong willed but extremely cute character who adores adventures, running wild and getting muddy. Her smiles are totally contagious and her renditions of Twinkle Twinkle little star melt my heart. I am so proud of the confident little girl she is becoming, even if she does tantrum like a teenager and wake ridiculously early!

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