Monday 1 August 2016

James Update - Age 6!

Its hard to come to terms with the fact I am a mum to a 6, almost 7 year old!

James is blossoming in to such a kind boy, he has a heart of gold and goes out of his way to help others which is lovely to watch. He is an amazing brother to Evelyn and is always on hand to help her whenever she needs it. He has been such a huge help to me too especially during the school holidays when he has stepped in to help keep her entertained, he has also loved joining us for our swimming sessions.

He joined his local Beaver scouts group around 6 months ago and has really thrown himself in to the adventure and fun of it. He has made lots of new friends, learnt to tie his own shoe laces and has been on his very first Beaver sleep over (his first sleepover away from us!). He adores Beavers and it has made him so much more independent and confident in his abilities.

James has had some pretty big changes on the school front! Whilst he had been working extremely hard at his previous school we decided (with the help of James) to move him to a new school. I won't go in to the reasons why but we 100% included James in the decision and his final decision was to move and so that's what we did.

James has thrived at his new school and is loving it, he will be moving in to year 2 after the summer holidays which he is very excited for. Despite only spending around 4 weeks in his new school year 1 class the teachers were amazed at how well he adapted to his new school and made lots of new friends. His teacher remarked at how it felt like he has always been a part of the class which was lovely to hear. I think its fair to say I was extremely proud of him!

LEGO and Marvel Avengers are his favourite things at the moment and I love seeing his big imagination ticking over when he creates all sorts of LEGO models and vehicles. He is always so proud of them although we do have to hide them from Evelyn who we have nicknamed "the destroyer" for her quick LEGO crushing abilities.

Swimming has also been a big thing for James at the moment. He has been attending swimming lessons since he was around 3 but recently has been doing so well. He has moved up 3 groups in the last few months and now swims with some children who are a few years older than him.... and keeping up! His swimming teacher was pretty impressed that he could swim 50m without even being out of breath and still keep going. His ability to hold his breath for such a long time is also something that all the swimming teachers are pretty impressed with, we are all certain hes half fish.

Over all James is quickly becoming a kind hearted, sensitive yet confidence young man with a heart of gold and a smile to match. I am so proud watching him become more confident within himself and choose his own hairstyles and clothes which gives us all a glimpse of his quirky personality. I have everything crossed that he thrives in his new Year 2 class and continues to blossom.

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  1. Love his actions in his beavers uniform haha.