Tuesday 30 August 2016

BABY Born train Andy puppy **REVIEW**

When you think of dolls one of the names that springs to mind is BABY Born but did you know its not just dolls and accesories they sell as they also sell pets just like the train Andy puppy!

This adorable little puppy is the perfect companion for your little one. Andy is an interactive puppy who can walk, sit and beg and comes with a handy remote for your child to control and train Andy. Andy also comes with a bone which you can feed to him.

Evelyn adores Andy's soft fur and loves patting him on the back to make him sit. She thinks it hilarious when she feeds him the little pink bone only for him to poop it back out after! All of the main actions for Andy are controlled by the remote which is small enough for even a toddler to be able to hold on to.

We did find that the remote had to be held quite close to Andy's head for it to work properly which isn't a massive issue although did get a little frustrating for Evelyn who just wanted to wave the remote around in excitement.

I really liked how interactive Andy is which makes him really stand out. Sometimes Andy will start walking quickly which is a sign he is getting excited, a simple pat to the back is a sign for sit and Andy will stop. He also lets out a little whimper is you leave him switched on and unattended for too long.

 Evelyn has definitely taken Andy on as her very own pet which has been great for teaching her about looking after pets etc. It would be lovely to see some accesories brought out for Andy as I think this is a toy she will be playing with for quite some time. The toy states it is for children aged 3+ however Evelyn is just a little over 2 and adores it. She does need some help with a few of the functions but otherwise its a lovely toy for her.

You can check out more about train Andy over on the BABY Born website.


** I was not paid for this review, we were provided with a train Andy puppy free on charge in exchange for our honest review. All words and opinions are my own.**

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