Thursday 1 September 2016

NEW Pots and Pies range from Little Dish **REVIEW**

A few weeks ago, an adorable cool bag landed on our doorstep. It was full of yummy new meals for Evelyn to try from Little Dish and today I wanted to share our thoughts about them with you.

Evelyn was 2 in June and can often be quite a fussy eater ever since we started weaning, so mealtimes are often quite stressful. Especially now that James is at school and attends numerous after school clubs, we often only have a short window of time for tea.

I like to try to have a few quick meal ideas available to hand for days like this so when we were asked to try out the new Pots and Pies range from Little Dish, I was hoping these may be the answer and they certainly are! The meals can be stored in the fridge and take a few simple minutes in the microwave and ta-da you have a quick and easy nutritionally balanced meal.

Evelyn tried the Fish Pie, Pasta Bolognaise, veg ravioli, mild chicken curry and the spaghetti and meatballs and each and every meal was a hit. Beef lasagne, Chicken and veg risotto and Mild beef chilli are also meals that are included in this range, and we will definitely be trying them out soon. I wasn't sure if the pots and pies would be big enough for Evelyn, but they turned out to be the perfect size portion for her. I did occasionally add some vegetables to the side of her plate for her to try too.

(Yep she does have 2 spoons apparently one wasn't enough lol!)

The meals smelt delicious coming out of the microwave and smelt like real fresh home cooked meals which is always a good sign to me. I had a little taste (for review purposes of course!) and can confirm they also taste like home cooked meals too! I also really liked the fact that the dishes contained veggies, but all were chopped and hidden within the dish which definitely made getting Evelyn to eat her veg loads easier.

Another little touched we liked about the Little Dish pots and pies meals was the packaging. Each meal has a removable sleeve which contains a small colouring picture on the back and a fun fact. We found these perfect for letting Evelyn colour in whilst we waited for her meal to cook and cool and gave us just the right amount of time for her meal to be ready. It eliminated the crying and frustration we usually have whilst she waits for her tea.

These may be microwavable, but they are far from unhealthy! Little Dish have worked hard to create these meals ensuring each one is nutritionally balanced, made from 100% natural ingredients, low in salt and with no added sugar, additives or preservatives, every meal contains at least 1 of your little one’s 5 a day. Every pot or pie is a source of protein and Little Dish only ever use British meat or sustainably sourced fish. Each meal delivers between 20-30% of their daily energy requirements.

Does your little one have a favourite meal? 


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  1. These sound very tasty and sound great for little one's. The hidden veg is a fantastic idea.