Sunday 22 January 2017

Evelyn has glasses!

Back when Evelyn was a baby I started noticing her left eye turning inwards. I took her to the doctors and health visitor but was told this would adjust itself and was fairly common.

However when her eye was still turning at around 18 months, and seemingly getting worse I headed back to the doctors for a second opinion. Thankful this time we were really listened to and Evelyn got referred to see the Optometrist for them to have a proper look at what was going on.

A few months later our appointment arrived and she was given some tests. Its turns out she has severly reduced vision in her left eye, a bad squint in her left eye and is very very long sighted. The optometrist said that when Evelyn is doing something seemingly simple like watching TV, the concentration its takes her to see this is the equivalent to 5X more concentration than we would take to read a small print like a newspaper.

I can't lie my heart sank a little when he told us. I felt so sad for my little girl and the fact she may have been struggling to see things without any help. I was angry that we were fobbed off the first time but also glad we finally had a plan in place.

Evelyn was given glasses (she chose a Gruffalo pair and a Witch and Chips pair) from our local Specsavers and was so excited to wear them.

Its been around 6 weeks now since she got her glasses and we went back for our follow up appointment Monday. However the news wasn't what we wanted, whilst some improvement has been made in her right eye the left eye and her squint hasn't improved.

The optometrist has decided the best option for Evelyn is so give her a patch along side her glasses in the hope this will strengthen her left eye. I really worried she would hate the patch but she has taken to wearing it so well! She calls her self a pirate and the funky stickers she was given to put on top her patch certainly help.

I am so proud of how well Evelyn has adapted to wearing glasses. She's only 2 and a half and whilst she struggled keeping them on at the beginning she now happily keeps them on for most of the day. I felt so sad for her when we first found out she would need glasses, as a parent you never want there to be anything wrong with your child. I am confident though that these will really help her in the long run and that is definitely the main thing!

Does anyone have any experience of this with your children?



  1. My son started wearing glasses back in September. He has adjusted quite well although he too hasn't had much improvement after his first check up.

  2. Well done Evelyn, it seems like she is doing so well, i love her glasses choice and her patch stickers! Our best friends Son wore a patch and it really made an improvement quite quickly so I'm sure this will help her too.

  3. I am so happy that you all were able to get her the help she needed! She looks adorable in her glasses! I am so glad she is doing well with it!

  4. My daughter also has a squint and is long sighted. She used to wear a patch but it didn't really work for her as both her eyes turn in at different times so it's not like one eye is worse than the other. She used to have the same Gruffalo glasses too! She adapted quite well to wearing glasses but I felt the same as you - I was upset for her at first as I was worried that it would cause problems for her in the long term, plus her squint looks really bad at times and I would hate for her to feel self conscious about it as she gets older. But 3 years in and wearing glasses is part of who she is now. She is 6 now and she has never really had any issues - although she can't watch 3D films as her eyes don't work together in the way they need to to see in 3D, but it's not really a big problem!

  5. I remember having my first pair of glasses. I hated wearing them, then as i got older i switched to contacts which were much better. She looks great in her glasses x

  6. I think it's great that she is adapting to her glasses. It is never easy for young children but so important to have corrective lenses when needed. I love her rainbow eye patch!

  7. She is certainly braver than I would be and she has taken the news so well. Still I think she looks so cute in her glasses especially with the patch!

  8. I don't have kids so no experience of this. However i will say some adults don't cope well with having to wear glasses, so she is a trooper. Hope she continues to enjoy being a pirate for now! x

  9. She is so adorable and brave! She is definitely coping better with this and I did when I first started wearing glasses at 14 :D

  10. At least you seem to be moving in the right direction with your daughters sight and hopefully things will really start to improve soon and she looks so happy with her glasses.

    Laura x