Sunday 29 January 2017

Tantrums To Smiles - A new logo!

For those of you who regularly read my blog you may have noticed some changes happening over the last week or so, both on here and over social media.

We have a new header/logo!

This logo was actually designed by the lovely design team over at Tamba via Kay. Kay has recently set up a new blog over at theserandomacts.co.uk which covers all aspects of family lifestyle but also covers all the random acts of kindness Kay and her family are doing. Kay has a refreshing desire toto spread the love and kindess, changing the world 1 random act of kindness at a time, pretty amazing right!

As one of her firsts acts of kindness on her new blog she offered to design me a new logo/header for my blog alongside her team at Tamba and the above is what I received. I totally love it! The bright and fun feel to the logo really reflects us as a family and everything we cover on this blog. Can you spot our beloved pet rabbit Mabel hiding in there too?

I have now rolled this out across all our social media pages too including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and it feels so nice to finally have an eye catching logo that ties all my blog channels together nicely!

What do you think of our new Logo?


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