Saturday 28 October 2017

Shnooks **REVIEW**

This week we were lucky enough to receive some new adorable little friends for Evelyn in the post... Shnooks!

I'm pretty sure most of you will have seen the Shnooks advert, along with the VERY catchy "hey look its a Shnook" theme tune! But when the small packaging arrived it was hard to believe a wild haired Shnook was going to come out of the tiny blister pack. However upon popping the pack out popped a cuddly Shnook with very fluffy hair! Check out our vlog here showing the kids opening their Shnooks...

Shnooks from Zuru are soft cuddly companions that are small enough to be carried around and soft enough to be cuddled all day long. Their huge hair is perfect for brushing and styling with every Shnook coming with its very own comb, hairbands and clip. Evelyn loved styling the hair and being able to comb it whenever I brushed hers, providing a much welcome distraction!

I have to admit that I thought the Shnook was going to grow a little more than it did. It says 8x bigger and I think the hair definitely got much bigger but the body didn't really "puff" out and stayed quite thin. However the kids absolutely loved them and at only £7.99 they won't break the bank. Making these toys a great stocking filler for Christmas.

There are 6 Shnooks to collect and they are available to purchase from most toy stores including Tesco, Asda, Argos and The Entertainer.

Do you think your kids would love Shnooks?


**We received these Shnooks free of charge however all words and opinions are my own.**


  1. They look like fun for Christmas - and it's a clever idea to make the unpacking part of the fun of the toy.

  2. I've seen these advertised on the children's channels. It makes it look like they grow quite a bit. I'm sure mine would love them to they are quite cute aren't they.

  3. I've never heard of them before. They look colourful and eye catching and a great price

  4. Wow cute toys. My kids would love them.

  5. These are super cute - perfect stocking fillers for little girls

  6. These are so cute, love the pastel colours (and lots of purple, yay!)

  7. I've never heard of Shnooks before, but they look like just the kinda thing I would have loved to have played with at that age! I used to have a whole collection of trolls with similar hair LOL x