Saturday 24 February 2018

Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum **REVIEW**

Evelyn has always loved the vacuum, even as a baby she would crawl around after the vacuum whenever I would bring it out. When she started walking the role play toys and toy vacuum were always the first toys she would head for and not much had changed now she is 3. She adores role play toys and I love seeing her making up her own little world, so when we were asked if we wanted to try out the Casdon Dyson Vacuum I knew she would love it!

When the Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum I was instantly surprised at how realistic it looks! The replica design means it doesn't feel too babyish for independent toddlers who want to me just like mummy and daddy. It includes features realistic sounds, and this vacuum even has working suction and moving cyclone action to make play even more engaging and realistic.

Evelyn absolutely loves this vacuum and has played with it every day since it arrived. She has placed it right next to my vacuum and insists on following me around whenever I vacuum the house (in case I miss some bits apparently!). The ball on the Dyson makes it easy to manoeuvre even when being controlled by a toddler as crazy any clumsy as Evelyn (she is forever tripping over at home). It feels really sturdy, and Evelyn has definitely put it through its paces the last few days, whizzing around the house and accidently bumping into the odd cabinet or chair leg and it still looks brand new!

I love that the Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum has a real-life suction action something which made this toy stand out from other toy vacuums we have seen. I had been a little worried about how we would clear any bits that Evelyn managed to suck up in the vacuum. However, this is made super easy with a little easy to remove section on the back of the vacuum which can easily be clipped in and out for easy cleaning.

Evelyn is a fairly tall toddler standing at around 104cm tall but as you can see the vacuum is still a good size for her (the vacuum itself measures 73cm in height) and will last her a little while yet I hope.

If you are looking for a toy that is not only tons of fun but helps hand-eye coordination and also develops great imaginative play and role play opportunities, then this may just be the toy for you!

If I could change anything on this, I would have loved to see an adjustable handle height so it could cater for more of an age range as I think this is a toy slightly older and younger kids would enjoy. I would also have liked the suction part to be slightly stronger as it really did struggle to pick any "real pieces" up but this is of course a toy, and it really didn't affect the use or enjoyment for Evelyn.

The Casdon Dyson Vacuum is priced at £21.99 and is available from many places including Amazon, Argos and Kiddicare.


**We received the Casdon Dyson Ball vacuum for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own and I retain full control of this post.**


  1. My youngest got this a couple of years ago for her birthday and it's still a favourite now!

  2. My kids would love to play around with this. They love role play a lot.

  3. My daughter has this too and has been loving it. I love the little debris container!

  4. Aww my eldest would have loved this when he was younger - he had a thing for the vacuum cleaner! I love how realistic it looks.

  5. Sebby loves our one and I love that it actually picks stuff up too!

  6. Oh how cute! My Alessia would love this! And that it actually works too!

  7. These have come a long way since I first bought one for my daughter almost 20 years ago!