Wednesday 28 February 2018

Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag **REVIEW**

As a parent I love the Project Mc² moto of "Smart is the new cool"! It gives me a huge smile across my face to know there are toys out there that are encouraging our children to embrance learning, education, science and breaking stereotypes and that is exactly what Project Mc² are doing! 

They have a huge range of dolls, toys and experiments inspired by real life and real people. Project Mc² is on a mission to help advance children in the area's of S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technologu, Engineering, Art and Math). The Project Mc² spy bag is one of those toys and Evelyn was so excited to receive one to review! 

The Project Mc² spy bag contains a full spy kit disguised within a hard cased bag with the spy gadgets inside disguised as make-up items. The kit contains over 20 secret agent products including...

  • Fingerprinting kit - which also includes a dusting powder that doubles up as a shimmery blusher/make up powder.
  • Air blower that looks like a perfume bottle to clear the fingerprint powder away leaving you with the perfect print.
  • Finger print cards to collect and store your collected fingerprints.
  • Magnifying glass hidden within a make up compact.
  • Secret message launcher and paper to write your messages on. This is disguised as a very convincing lipstick.
  • Flashlight disguised as a nail polish bottle.
  • Test tubes and beakers to carry out all of your experiments. 
  • Secret agent experiment booklet full of fun science experiment idea's.

Evelyn really enjoyed this set, discovering its content and what all the gadgets do. She liked that she could wear it as a bag but then open it up and surprise her big brother with the spy kit inside! They had so much fun taking each others finger prints and launching secret messages to each other with the lipstick message launcher. Its great that the products can be used with the bag but can also we used independently too, Evelyn took the nail polish torch out with us on the school run a while back to spy on her brother from the car.

The bag is really sturdy and the catch which opens the bag is very secure meaning you don't have to worry about the bag popping open when its being worn. The contents inside has its own place and clips into place inside the bag so it to stays safe when the bag is being worn or moved around.

I think its so much fun that the spy gadgets are disguised as make up items and can see that this bag would appeal to a wide range of children and ages. Evelyn is almost 4 and whilst she has really enjoyed the bag I think in a year or so she will be able to enjoy it even more as she will fully understand what each gadget does. This is in line with the Project Mc2 guidelines as well as they recommend the spy bag for ages 6+. I love that this toy is not only a fun toy but gets kids thinking, experimenting and having fun whilst learning at the same time.

The Project Mc2 spy bag is priced at £39.99 so not a cheap toy but it does have so many play possibilities if your child likes these kind of toys it is definitely worth the money. It comes with a booklet that has extra experiments to try out beyond playing with the products included in the kit. You can find the spy bag in most toy stores including Smyths Toys.

Do you think your child would love becoming a spy for the day?


**We received the project mc2 spy bag for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, images and opinions are my own. I retain full control of this post.**


  1. Wow that is an expensive toy I'm guessing because of the TV show that entitles them to whack a few more pounds on the price tag. If my daughter was older I consider this for a Christmas gift x

  2. I can imagine that every girl who loves the show would be happy to play with this spy kit. I like that even if it's so techie, the bag it's still feminine and pink :)

  3. Oh I am going to sound like a massive killjoy but why do we have to make it really girly to get girls on board and by that I mean I feel like a bunch of executives have said hey girls love girls and make up let's tech tech that up.

    But then I feel you can be feminine and techy I am. But do I like dresses because I was raised that way...oh my head is confused maybe the fever from the mastitis.

    Regardless your little girl loves it and seems really engaged and that is what counts at the end of the day.

  4. My daughter would love this, shes a massive fan of Project Mc2 x

  5. I think this is such a nice idea to encourage more young girls to get into the stem subjects x

  6. Oh wow~! I love the case and your daughter looks quite excited to have it. I like that this kit is marketed to girls because there needs to be more girls entering the world of science. Children tend to show their passions early on don't they?

  7. That looks amazing, its so good to have toys that get children interested in STEM

  8. Oh I wish this had been around when I was little - I love the idea of the Nail Varnish. I know a man who used to be a spy. Must ask if he ever used anything like this!

  9. I love these little kits. A great way to encourage girls to get into science.

  10. I love this, I think it's such a fun and unusual idea for a toy! H :)

  11. It looks like Evelyn loves her spy bag, there's so much for her to do in it too. I've been hearing more and more about Project Mc2 and think it is such a brilliant idea.

  12. Eliza adores Project MC2 and would love this - we have one of the other bags

  13. This is absolutely mint!! I’d love it as an adult let alone for a child. Love the girly colours too xxx

  14. i have two daughters who have asked for this and i know after reading this review they would enjoy it even more now