Saturday 24 February 2018

Zak Storm Toys & App **REVIEW**

Recently I have seen more and more toys bringing together the fun of toys with the love of technology and this seems to be becoming a real hit with kids, mine included! So when we were recently offered to try out some new Zak Storm toys which are doing just that we couldn't wait for them to arrive. 

Zak Storm is a new animated series that is taking the world by storm! Zak stories begins when he steals his dads special necklace. He enters a surfing competition but ends up being sucked into the Bermuda triangle by a giant wave. Zak then finds himself as the captain of a ship called The Chaos and this is where the story begins on the app as you help Zak navigate his way home through trials and challenges. 

The toy we received from the Zak Storm range was the hover vehicle and figure (rrp £14.99) The set comes with the hover craft which has several moveable parts including two buttons one which pops out the "wings" on the side and another which fires a missile from the front of the craft (which James loved). The figure that comes with this set is the Blazz Zak action figure which has moveable arms and legs making it easy to position him on top of the hover craft or pose and move during play. 

James really loved this toy and how recognisable it is to the actual character and the vehicles and characters on the app. It has lots of moving parts meaning lots of possibilities during play and it feels pretty durable. £14.99 is a little more than I would normally pay for a toy like this but it does come with collectable treasure coin which can be scanned into the app and the app is free. So taking all that into consideration the price doesn't seem too bad. 

As I mentioned above lots of the Zak Storm toys come with collectable treasure coins that can be scanned into the free Zak Storm app. However these coins can actually be brought separately too in "blind bag" style packs which contain 4 treasure coins in each one. These are priced at £4.99 so around £1.25 per coin so not too badly priced I don't think. 

The coins inside are colourful plastic coins which has a pirate themed image on the front and a QR code on the back. Once on the app you simply scan the QR code on the back of the coin into the app and it will add all sorts of treasure including weapons, special powers and health to your game play. I think this is a great feature and really ties together the link between the Zak Storm toys and the online app. 

We did have some difficulty scanning the codes with James Fire 7 tablet, they just didn't seem to want to scan through. We faired much better using my phone though so I'm not sure if it was just that the camera on the Fire wasn't quite up to scratch to scan the QR code clearly enough.

We hadn't really heard of Zak Storm before receiving these product buts it now a firm favourite of James' he loves the app and that even when he isn't able to get onto the tablet or phone (we try to limit screen time in the week) he can still play with the Zak Storm range with the toys. 

You can check out the full Zak Storm range on the Smyths toys website, prices range from £4.99 up to £49.99 so there is something for every budget. Don't forget to download the FREE app too! 


**We received a Zak Storm hover vehicle and some treasure coins for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own and I retain full control of this post.**


  1. Oh these look like fun! We have heard of Zak Storm and I know my kids would enjoy playing with this. Toys are so expensive these days though aren't they!

  2. These look like lots of fun! I have never heard of Zak Storm before, so I will have to keep an eye out!

  3. What a fun way to combine toys and technology - I've not heard of Zak Storm before reading this!

  4. smart idea to combine these digital apps and tech to physical toys! keeps both relevant and fun :)

  5. I haven't heard of Zak Storm before but this looks like something my son would enjoy - he loves his kindle too.

  6. That's a very cool toy. I know my son would have loved this when he was little.

  7. This looks like a fantastic toy with an imaginative story behind it. I think toys with apps really bring the character to life for kids