Sunday 25 February 2018

L.O.L Surprise Confetti Pop! **REVIEW**

L.O.L dolls are Evelyn's latest obsession! We can't even walk past our local toy shop without her having to stare lovingly into the window display that all seem to have L.O.L dolls in them at the moment. It seems these dolls have really taken over and with lots of different series (even pets) there are lots to collect!

L.O.L Surprise (Series 3) Confetti Pop are one of the latest releases from this world wide craze and they have stepped it up once again with another new surprise within the opening. Evelyn has seen these and has been so excited to get her hands on one, I have to admit even as an adult finding the little surprises as you unwrap the confetti pop is satisfying and exciting so I can really see why these are so popular.

Evelyn loves the element of surprise and gets so exciting taking off each layer and discovering what is inside and then finally discovering what doll she got. We love that each one comes with a leaflet showing all the dolls too so that you can find out which doll you got and see their name. Here is what we found in the layers of our L.O.L Surprise Confetti Pop...

As you can see our L.O.L surprise pop had 7 surprise layers plus the "confetti pop" and the surprise dolls inside (keep reading to find out who we got!) so 9 surprises in total. Evelyn loved unwrapping all the layers, finding the surprises and try to work out who her L.O.L surprise doll would be.

Here is what surprises we received in ours (in order of how we got them and in the same order as the pictures above).

- Sticker Clue (giving you a clue as to your dolls identity)
- Stickers (will your doll tinkle, cry, spit or colour change there is also a mystery action too!)
- Dolls Bottle
- A Tattoo Transfer Ring
- Dolls Shoes
- Dolls Sunglasses
- Dolls Outfit

The L.O.L Surprise series 3 Confetti pop are slightly different from the other L.O.L series as this ones comes with the very special "confetti pop" to reveal your new L.O.L doll. Even James wanted in on the popping action and they were both so excited to pull the ribbon. I think this is a fantastic idea and adds another exciting element onto an already exciting toy.

Here they are pulling the ribbon to reveal their L.O.L Surprise confetti pop doll...

Evelyn got Go-Go Gurl and was absolutely thrilled, isn't she cute! All the accessories that we found within the surprise ball fits her perfectly and it was really easy to slip her dress, shoes and sunglasses on as they either clip in place (the sunglasses) or have an open back so just slip on and off even Evelyn was able to do it by herself.

Once you have your doll you can fill up the bottle that all dolls come with (although the design of the bottle will vary with each doll) with water and feed it to your doll. You can then discover whether your doll is a spitter, tinkler, crier or even a colour change doll, ours cried and tinkled! 

The dolls are aimed at children aged 6+ however Evelyn is only 3 and loves them so I think the age range for these dolls is really endless. I understand why the age limit is as it is because some of the parts are really small but with supervision I am more than happy for Evelyn to play with them. 

Evelyn absolutely loves her new L.O.L Surprise doll and I know she won't be our last either! They make such a cute collection and I can totally understand the excitement with these dolls. The Confetti Pops are priced at £11 (with the lil sisters priced at around £6) so are a little costly if like Evelyn you want to build up a collection. However you do gets lots of accessories with each doll and Evelyn plays with them for hours on end. I think they are a little too expensive to be "pocket money" toys but a lovely toy for little ones to save up for or to ask for birthdays, Christmas or special occasions. 


**We received the L.O.L Surprise Confetti pop for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own and I retain full control of this post and its content.**


  1. Ah my daughter loves these the layers always bring such a fun element of surprise to the littles don't they?

  2. What a fab idea for a toy, and I can see the attraction. I'd agree they are a little too pricey for pocket money especially with the age they are aimed at!

  3. My daughter is obsessed with L.O.L dolls. She’s got her list ready for her birthday in April she was so excited in January when she received her first pet one

  4. My son has absolutely no interest in these, but I think they're adorable - maybe I'll just get one for myself! I bet they're great to collect!

  5. My daughter would love this LOL Surprise Confetti Pop. She is obsessed with the brand.

  6. I can see why little girls love these. It has all the anticipation of pass the parcel, but you don't have to share!

  7. My little girl is LOL crazy! she got a pet one the other day and already has some of the sisters and babies xx

  8. Oh wow what a fab idea. I'd love to get a surprise with confetti. I just know my son would love these too. And I think they'd make great treat tots rather than pocket money treats as you pointed out x

  9. Aww, these look like a sweet idea. Full of surprises :)

  10. This would surely be a good gift to the little ones. They'll love it.

  11. Eliza is obsessed with these dolls.......have you seen the huge one for sale?

  12. My girls haven't cottoned on to these.....yet! It looks very fun

  13. Alessia is obsessed with these!! No doubt this one will sneak into the shopping basket at some point :)