Wednesday 7 March 2018

6 Of The Best Easter Eggs For Grown Ups!

When it comes to Easter us grownups don't want to be left out! There are so many Easter eggs out there for the kids, but what about the grownups? Well fear not there are lots of eggs out there aimed at us adults so we too can get out Easter chocolate fix!

Here are some of my favourites I have seen in the shops and online this year.

Divine Milk Chocolate and Tangy Orange Egg.

Price - £5.95
Pack size - 100g

If you love chocolate orange, then this is the egg for you! This egg features a delicious smooth fair trade milk chocolate shell which has been infused with a natural orange flavour giving it the perfect tangy taste. The chocolate egg is a decent thickness, and you can really taste the orange taste and the milk chocolate when you bite into the egg. The citrus tang to this egg was really good, it made the egg stand out to me from others out there as the orange flavour made it really moreish but not too sickly.

Guylian Flame Egg

Price - £7.00
Pack size - 200g

This Easter egg really looks the part with its extravagant gold "flame" style packaging, it would make the perfect gift this Easter. The egg inside is a delicious milk chocolate egg with the famous Guylian seahorses encased inside for an extra special treat. If you are a fan of Guylian chocolate, then this egg is definitely for you. It combines eye catching, beautiful packaging with the irresistible Guylian chocolate flavours, the perfect Easter combination.

Cadbury Fruit and Nut egg

Price - £12.00
Pack Size - 560g

This Easter Cadbury have really stepped up to another level with their latest Easter egg creations, the giant Cadbury fruit and nut egg! The giant egg actually contains real pieces of fruit and nut within the egg and also comes with a sharing size bar of fruit and nut! The shell of this chocolate egg is absolutely delicious, its really thick with generous helpings of fruit and nut pieces throughout. It has the classic and totally delicious Cadbury chocolate taste and is the perfect Easter egg for grownups this Easter. The egg is bigger than my head and my husband's eyes lit up at the sight of this so it's the perfect Easter gift for any chocoholics out there!

Waitrose Chocolate Avocado Egg

Price - £8.00
Pack Size - 250g

Waitrose never disappoint with their fun and unusual Easter egg designs and this year and no exception. This year you can pick up this very fun (and delicious) Avocado Easter egg from your local Waitrose store! The shell and stone are Belgian chocolate (made with 70% cocoa), while the white chocolate middle uses natural colouring to imitate the green flesh of the fruit. Don't be put off by the look of this egg though, it may look like an Avocado but it is 100% chocolate and utterly delicious. Its a really fun design that I think teens and adults will really enjoy as a novelty fun touch to Easter treats that tastes great too. 

Waitrose Diamond Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel Egg

Price - £10.00
Pack Size - 240g

If you are looking for an egg that really makes a statement and stands out from the crowd then check out this unusual Easter egg from the Waitrose range. This diamond-shaped, hand-decorated egg is made with smooth, creamy 49% cocoa milk chocolate. Inside the box you will also find six smooth milk chocolate fleur de sel salted caramels too. This version is milk chocolate but you can also get this egg in a rich dark chocolate variety too which also comes with six milk chocolate fleur de sel salted caramels. A real show stopper at a really reasonable price with a luxurious chocolate taste.

Aldi Choceur Easter Egg with Chocolates.

Price - £3.49
Pack Size - 318g

Aldi have a whole range of their own Easter eggs with prices to suit all budgets and even on a budget you can still get a pretty impressive egg. This flame egg will set you back at £3.49 but looks much more expensive. It contains a thick smooth chocolate shell which is filled with a selection of smaller chocolates. The flavours of the chocolates inside the egg include strawberry cream in milk chocolate, chocolate cream with milk chocolate and soft caramel covered with crisp rice and milk chocolate. This egg was a big hit in our house, and I loved the addition of the selection of chocolates inside. It made it feel very special and the chocolate of the egg was really creamy too.

Do you buy yourself an Easter egg at Easter or are you lucky enough to have one brought for you? If so what has been your favourite Easter egg (or other form or Easter chocolate) that you have tried before?


**We received some of these Easter products for free for the purpose of this post. However all words and opinions are my own and I retain full control of this post.**


  1. Ohhhh I am mad for anything by Guylian so if I were to receive that egg for Easter I would be over the moon!

  2. Ooh Guylian is my absolute FAVOURITE!! I literally could eat that chocolate all day long!

  3. I've got my eye on that fruit and nut one and hope that I've dropped enough hints!

  4. Ooooo these look really yummy. We don't really have easter eggs like that here in Sweden, which I don't mind, but I do really miss creme eggs!!

  5. Oh these all sound delicious, I do love Easter eggs even as a grown up and myself and the other half normally buy each other a one x

  6. I am hankering after the ultimate fruit and nut egg #yum

  7. I will be checking my local Aldi for some of these as they look really lovely and not badly priced

  8. Yummy Easter eggs here. I want them all.

  9. This is an awesome idea! I didn't know there's an Easter Egg for grown ups. This is so cool!

  10. Ooo some yummy Easter eggs . I’m hoping for a reeces pieces one this year :)

  11. Yum yum! The fruit n nut one looks the best one to me!!!

  12. I think I will be asking the Easter bunny for the Fruit and Nut egg. I bet that is delicious