Wednesday 7 March 2018

Our Favourite Products For The Best Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is quickly creeping up on us and the shops seem to have been ready for months with their shelves stocked high with Easter eggs and chocolate goodies as far as the eye can see.

Every Easter my favourite part has to be setting up an egg hunt for the kids when they wake. Its lots of fun seeing them hunting together and seeing their excited little faces when they find an Easter treat. Of course with them both getting older my hiding places are having to get more creative but that's all part of the fun right!?

When I was little my nan used to hide the little foil covered chocolate eggs and I remember just how excited I was at seeing that little glimmer of foil peeking out from a drawer. But I have noticed that in the last few years there are so many more products on the market now designed for these kind of Easter hunts and it definitely makes it more exciting for the kids not knowing what goodies they will find!

With that in mind I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of the best Easter Egg hunt goodies I have seen this year, so here are some of my favourites...

Divine Milk Chocolate Speckled Eggs

Price - £4.75
Pack size - 170g

These cute speckled eggs are made from Solid Divine milk chocolate mini eggs encased in a crisp sugar coated speckled shell in an array of pastel colours. These eggs don't have a wrapper so would only really work for an indoor hunt, however they are so cute (and delicious) I had to include them. These eggs are fairtrade and suitable for vegetarians. They are also Free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives.

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Super Pack 

Price - £6.99
Pack size - 

Cadbury have everything covered with this Easter egg hunt super pack! It contains everything you need to plan your very own super fun egg hunt, the pack includes loads of Cadbury chocolate treats such as Cadbury Dairy Milk hollow eggs, Cadbury Dairy Milk bunnies and even Cadbury Mini Egg's. Everything is included in this pack to take away the stress and panic of planning a hunt so you can just hide your eggs and sit back and see the kids excitement as they discover all the Cadbury goodies. 

Price - £1.49
Pack Size - 50g (10g per bunny)

How cute are these little bunnies!? They remind me of another very well known gold bunny but these come in at a fraction of the price. The gold foil on these makes them perfect for a Easter hunt indoors or outdoors, kids will love seeing that glimmer of gold foil peeking out from its hiding place. These bunnies are hollow with a milk chocolate shell in the shape of a bunny.

Aldi Dairy Fine Milk Chocolate Bunny

Price - £0.65p
Pack Size - 125g

Its just not Easter unless you find one of these giant foil wrapped bunnies is it!? I always remember getting one of these at Easter as a child and my kids love these too. I found these colourful bunnies this year in Aldi and thought they would make a great "large" find on our Easter egg hunt, perhaps the final prize at the end of the hunt! These bunnies are hollow but have a good thick shell of creamy milk chocolate and are sure to make the kids smile.

Guylian's Temptations Easter Bunny

Price - £5.00
Pack Size - 182g

Guylian have given their chocolates an Easter twist with this very cute bunny shaped box full of their delicious artisanal chocolates. The box contains 6 flavours which include Original PralinĂ©, Milk Truffle, Caramel, Latte Macchiato, Dark PralinĂ© or Crunchy Biscuit. Whilst this box would make a lovely gift on its own I also think these would really work for a Easter hunt too as the chocolates are all individually wrapped. Perhaps a hunt for older children or even the grown ups! Whether its for a hunt or as a gift these chocolates are sure to be gratefully received. 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Vanilla Mousse Bunny

Price - £0.50p
Pack Size - 30g

I am always on the look out for slightly different goodies to include in our egg hunt and these are absolutely perfect! They are individually wrapped chocolate bunnies with a creamy vanilla mousse centre. As they are individually wrapped they can be used for indoor or outdoor Easter hunts and are small enough to be able to easily hide. I of course taste tested a few and can confirm they taste amazing and a delicious Easter treat.

Of course I will also be hiding a few of the traditional foil wrapped eggs alongside these goodies to carry on that tradition. Oh and trying to remember where I hide all the eggs so I don't end up finding a partly melted egg behind the radiator a few days later!

Do you create an egg hunt for your children at Easter? Have you ever discovered any missed eggs a few days later?


**We received a selection of these products for inclusion in this post. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post.**


  1. Love the look of that Cadbury Super Pack - my boy would love hunting that down. Jo x

  2. We are going to do one this year too. I have had to guy moulds as oddly enough my toddler only eats dark chocolate and that limits my selection. I would LOVE to find some dark chocolate bunnies for him

  3. My kids love an Easter egg hunt, I can't believe I need to start thinking about Easter already!

  4. Aw, we never had Easter egg hunts when I was a kid, but I wish we did! It sounds like a fun thing to do! :) xx

  5. I love creating an Easter Egg hunt - it is coming round so quickly! Great selection. Kaz

  6. Mmmm, these all look good. I have never done an Easter egg hunt before, but we are hoping to this year.

  7. I can't believe Easter has come around so quickly! I haven't done an Easter egg hunt in years either!

  8. You know, I've never done an easter egg hunt before! I must say my favourites have to be mini eggs and also creme eggs! xx

  9. I can’t believe it’s Easter soon already, Easter egg hunts are always the best, I mean who doesn’t love chocolate lol