Saturday 8 January 2022

Birthday Gift Idea's for 4 Year Olds!

I can hardly believe that Evelyn is about to turn 4! It feels like I blink and she is growing up and another birthday is just around the corner. With that in mind I have been browsing online and hitting the shops recently trying to find presents for the birthday girl. It is definitely a good idea to shop around both in store and online, there are some great stores such as BeePumpkin that sell toys perfect for younger children and toddlers etc so don't forget to shop online as well as hitting the highstreet too. 

I found so many great things I thought I would share them here to give you some idea's for any upcoming birthday's you may have to buy for.

My Fairy Garden - RRP £14.99

In the last 6 months or so Evelyn's imagination seems to have grown every day. I love hearing her making up little stories with her dolls and creating their own little worlds. That's why I think this "My Fairy Garden" is a perfect gift for any 4 year old. What child wouldn't love creating their very own magical fairy garden to become the basis of lots of their stories and play time. 

The kit comes with everything you need to create your very own fairy garden all you need is a little soil and lots of imagination. The kit also contains grass seed so little ones can see the garden growing before their eyes. The set even comes with your very own oyster shell to create a water feature for your fairy garden. 

FabLab Glitter Tattoo Kit - RRP - £9.99
There is something about face paints and washable tattoo's that always appeal to kids. Its the first stall my kids seem to spot out at any fairground or event and so when I spotted this amazing product from FabLab I knew it would make a great gift! The kit allows you to create over 27 different tattoo designs all with a glittery twist.

The kit is easy to use and the tattoos are simple to apply too. Its a fantastic gift for any child and would be the perfect kit to buy if you wanted to offer glitter tattoos at a child's party too. The FabLab glitter tattoo kit contains 4 glitter colours, 27 stencils and everything you need to apply and be glitter ready for any occasion.

Paint Sticks - RRP £14.99
Most children love getting stuck into an arts & crafts project and Evelyn is no different. However unlike her older brother the inclusion of paint almost definitely means mess! Paint sticks have you covered though (and any parent will thank you for your mess free gift!) because they have paint sticks. Giving a paint finish but mess free. 

Paint sticks are extremely versatile sticks of paint that can be used for blending, stamping, colour washing, scraping and dotting and even as water colours by simple adding a little water to a brush and brushing over the paint. They work on a range of surfaces including canvas, paper, wood and even glass. Creating hours of fun without any mess. 

Your never too old for a soft teddy bear and pre-schoolers and toddlers especially love a snuggly teddy bear which makes this super soft bear the perfect gift. The teddy bear has super soft fur and comes wearing a red and white cheque ribbon as well as a white or black t-shirt personalised with words of your choice (up to 15 characters). 

The personalised teddy bear from Gift Pup is 25cm tall and the perfect size for cuddling. His t-shirt is also removable for easy washing. This teddy bear is so super soft he is great for snuggling and a perfect size for younger children to cuddle and snuggle up too! 

Heely's - RRP £39.95
If you have a little adventurer or thrill seeker on your hands then Heely's make an amazing birthday gift for any child. These funky shoes can be used in two modes either as a "normal" shoe or in skate most. In skate most the two wheels on the bottom of each shoe are released and off you go skating around. 

Each Heely shoe has two wheels on making them more stable and easier to control, perfect for those just starting out or those more experienced. They do take a bit of getting used too and feel a little heavier than "normal" shoes because of the wheels, however once kids get the hang of it they are zooming off with a big smile. The bright funky colours really make these shoes stand out and they look such fun. I remember having those plastic 4 wheel strap on skates as a kid and would have loved these! They are so much cooler and there is no changing shoes since you can use these in both modes. 

L.O.L Surprise Dolls - £6 for lil sisters and £11 for big sisters.

Blind bags and surprise/mystery toys are super popular right now and the L.O.L Surprise toys are definitely Evelyn's favourite when it comes to these type of toys. The big sisters are her favourite and in each ball you will receive 9 surprises (including accessories, stickers and even a ring tattoo) as well as the surprise doll in the middle. There are lots to collect and Evelyn is always wanting to build her collection. She adores getting them dressed/changed and they really encourage imaginative play.

Of course you can't forget a beautiful card too! I love keeping both mine and the kids birthday cards and keep them in a memory box. My mum did it for me and it was lovely reading back over cards that people had written me. Even more sentimental when they were from people no longer here. Its something I do or my kids every year so having a lovely card is a must. Hallmark have it covered though, with a huge range of cards for every occasion. Check out some of their beautiful girls birthday cards...

So now I have her presents sorted im off to stress over her party, party bags and birthday cake that I am yet to even think about organising!


**We received some of the products mentioned above for free for inclusion in this post. However all words and opinions are my own and I retain full control of this post**

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  1. Even at 10 years old my girl would love all of these presents....Heely's have recently been added to her birthday list. They look like great fun x