Tuesday 11 January 2022

Creating a Fun and Practical Family Garden Space

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It may be winter right now but that doesn't mean we can't all be dreaming about those long summer days spent relaxing in the garden, soaking up the sun and watching the kids play outside. I know we are really lucky to have our own garden space and so we certainly try to make the most of it whenever we can. Whilst winter might not seem like the best time to be thinking about your garden, it's actually a great time to organise everything, get your garden ready, and plan ahead for what you want to plant and also pick up garden furniture and games at great prices too. 

If like me you can't wait to be able to enjoy your garden again once the sun comes back out and summer arrives, keep reading below. I am sharing some top tips to make sure our gardens are ready for the sunshine, what you can do now and what you can prepare ready for warmer months. 

What will you use your garden for? 

The first thing to think about it how will you use your garden space? Will it be just family use, a space for the kids to play, a place for entertaining or eating? How you use your garden can make a big difference in how you plan and prepare your garden. Of course you may want to use it for multiple uses like us, and if that is the case then you may need to plan even more carefully regarding where you will store things or place garden items when not in use. 

Consider what furniture you might need 

Garden furniture can totally transform a garden as well as providing somewhere to sit, eat and entertain too, so getting it right is really important. If you only have a small garden space you may want to consider something like a 2 seater bistro set from Lazy Susan as it is compact but still ensures you have a small space to eat/drink and relax too. 

If you have a larger garden or plan on entertaining then you may want to consider something a little bigger such as a rattan corner piece or a large table and chairs set. Whether you are looking for a large outdoor dining set or a quiet space for two, Lazy Susan garden furniture is a great choice as it is built to last. 

One thing to always remember however when you buy furniture is where you will store it during winter months! Whilst lots of garden furniture is made to withstand the weather, this can of course shorten the life of it as well as causing fading and damaging dependent on the whether. Storing it in a shed or outbuilding is a great idea but if you don't have either of these, purchasing a weather proof cover is another cost effective option for preserving the life of your garden furniture. 

Grass, gravel, artificial turf or paving slabs? 

Once you have decided what you will use your garden for, you will probably have a good idea of what kind of ground cover you want for it. Remember that if you plan on having a large seating area you will most likely need some sort of firm and flat ground to place this onto. If you are choosing gravel, paving slabs or another hard ground option but still want plants remember to think about where you could place planters and pots. If you don't want planters and pots you could always designate a small area as a planting area. 

Another popular choice for gardens is artificial turf, which can look very realistic but can be quiet costly. It is a great option for those who love the look of grass but not the maintenance or for those who like grass but not mud and want to use their garden all year round. Artificial grass is a good option if you have children too as they are still able to play games on it such as football and it won't tear up the grass! 

Work out the best time for planting

Whether its shrubs and greener or beautiful exotic flowers and pops of colour or maybe even fruit and vegetables, all plants and flowers have an ideal time to plant. If you plan on having plants and flowers in your garden now is the time to work out what plants you would like and then plan around when they need to be planted for the best chance at flourishing. Believe it or not there are actually some plants that need to be sown or planted in the winter months such as violas, crocuses, winter hardy roses, snowdrops and heather to name a few. 

Of course there are other plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables that are also better sown in the spring, but planning ahead means you can get everything ready to start so you are one step ahead when the time does come to get these started. There are some plants you can start indoors too and move outside once weather conditions improve. 

Hopefully these tips have been helpful and given you all something to thing about or plan in terms of getting your garden summer ready. Then when summer does finally make its appearance you can sit back and enjoy all your hard work, don't forget to grab your binoculars for a spot of wildlife watching, or perhaps a cocktail or two! Whilst it may not feel like it now, just think about how great it will feel in the summer when you can sit back, relax and enjoy all of your hard work and planning through winter and spring! 

How do you like to use your garden space and do you have any plans for your garden next year? 


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