Tuesday 11 January 2022

2022 Bedroom Trends That Are Set to Soar

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With a new year ahead of us, positivity is in the air with many people looking forward to what will hopefully be a much better year for all. With a new year often comes new changes and in 2022, we’re all hoping to be saying goodbye to lockdowns and hello to more freedoms as we learn to live with the virus that has destroyed our way of life for two years. The pandemic has been horrendous, but one of the few positives is most of us have made positive changes to our homes and lifestyles to make them more liveable and enjoyable for us. 

A more liveable home does wonders for our mental health, and bedrooms have been the most popular rooms for renovation by far. Creating a space where you can retreat and relax at the end of a hard or stressful day is something everyone should have. Below we are sharing some of the biggest bedroom design trends for 2022 to hopefully inspire you to create your own relaxing bedroom space this year. 

2022’s biggest bedroom design trends 

This year, we expect nature to be the most significant bedroom design trend as people seek to connect with the natural world. Over lockdown many people found hope and peace in their daily walks and so many people have a new found love of the outdoors. So bringing the outside in makes total sense and there are many ways to introduce nature, including hanging plants, a wooden bed frame and natural light.

Another popular trend will be boho design; boho lacks structure with carefree layers of texture for comfort, warmth and utility. The boho trend pairs perfectly with nature and bringing the outdoors inside. 

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Why will nature and boho be so popular in 2022? Well this is because more time will be spent at work and indoors than in 2021 and people are seeking to bring back the feeling of being close to nature. Whilst 2021 was a rough year, its broken structure gave many of us more time to spend recreationally. 2022 is a back-to-business year, and our bedrooms will reflect this by connecting us to the outside world and comforting us with things we love and will probably be missing with our busy schedules. 

Other design trends expected this year include smaller furniture, divan beds, upholstered headboards, mixing and matching patterns, and dark, moody colours. Below are the bedroom design trends set to soar in 2022 and a look at what each one might mean. 

Space-saving beds 

Space-saving beds like divan beds and ottomans make small bedrooms appear more prominent and open up floor space. Divans have built-in drawers, while ottomans have a lift-up base, so both are good options for storing bedding and stuff.

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Silk 1000 Spring Divan Bed, Available from Bedstar The Online Bed Superstore.

Both types of beds have an upholstered frame that is the same size as the mattress, and they can have a solid or slatted bed base. Space saving beds have been popular for a while now as people seek more and more storage. But being able to hide away clutter or reduce the amount of visible "stuff" in our bedroom definitely lends itself to a more relaxing atmosphere. Space saving beds are also a great option for smaller rooms as they mean you don't have to compromise on bed size or storage! 

Upholstered headboards

Upholstered headboards offer unbeatable comfort and warmth so that they will be a popular choice in 2022.

Beds with a removable headboard can be upgraded. All you need is to match the headboard to the fixing type (floor standing or strutted). We offer a wide range of headboards, including padded headboards and tufted headboards in a wide range of finishes like crushed velvet and luxury cotton.

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Monte Carlo Headboard - Floor Standing, Available from Bedstar The Online Bed Superstore.

Upholstered headboards are a great option for adding a splash of colour into a bedroom without having to paint or wallpaper (great for rental properties too!) and they can also add a great focal point to a room too. 

Yin and Yang

Yin represents quiet, non-active spaces, like sleeping zones, while yang represents functional spaces, like workstations. In 2022, we expect to see a more significant distinction between Yin and Yang to bring balance and harmony to bedrooms.

Most bedrooms are heavily tilted towards Yin; Yang is introduced with energy, which you can add bold colours and eye-catching art.

Natural materials 

Tying in with the want to bring the outdoors in, using natural materials is a great way to do this and a more eco friendly option too. Wood and stone will be some of the most popular interior design finishes, with unpainted wooden furniture, bed frames and d├ęcor taking pride of place.

Stone will be introduced with stone-effect wallpaper to bring 3D effects to walls, stone candle holders and slate picture frames. Using materials such as wood and stone can be a real focal point and add a fantastic contrast between the hard natural materials and soft furnishings that are often found in a bedroom. 

Houseplants and bonsais 

Every bedroom should have something green! Small potted plants on window sills, corner plants and hanging plants will connect you to nature. They add life and colour to a bedroom and with so many different house plants to choose from there are plants for everyone, even those who don't consider themselves very green fingered. 

Plants that flower will be the most popular choices in 2022. Check out the African violet, oxalis, peace lily, anthurium and begonias. Fancy a bonsai tree? The Fern pine bonsai, Ficus bonsai and Chinese elm bonsai are great choices. 

Dark and moody colours

Dark and moody colours will be in vogue in 2022, especially blues, greens and greys that evoke a sense of class and again bring in that connection with nature and the outdoors. You could play it safe with a charcoal grey or go for something a little more interesting, like midnight blue or glasshouse green. Or perhaps even combing the two with either a feature wall with a more "out there" colour or adding lots of accessories and furnishings in brighter more prominent colours. 

Pictured: Birlea Copenhagen 5FT Kingsize Fabric Bed Frame, Available from Bedstar The Online Bed Superstore.

The key to making dark and moody colours work is metallic elements, which lift the moody colour by injecting a dose of industrial luxe. They add a contrast to what could be dark and overwhelming colours and are really useful to break up dark spaces in your room. 

Mixing and matching patterns

It’s easy to get mixing and matching patterns all wrong, but it offers an unbeatable aesthetic when done right. The trick is to start from the bottom up with a patterned rug and give designs space to breathe with white space. Don't over do it and add lots of different things at once, the key is to do it slowly and steadily, adding one or two pieces at a time and then stepping back and assessing what could be added and where for the best look. 

Incorporate different pattern sizes to reduce likeness and use similar colours to blend them. Aim for balance and avoid anything too intense.

Hopefully these bedroom trends have helped to inspire you to spruce up your bedroom and give it a makeover, providing you the ultimate relaxation space to come home to each night. Let me know in the comments below which of the trends above you like the sound of the most, or do you have a different trend you are loving for your bedroom at the moment? Let me know below! 


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