Saturday 22 January 2022

Why Choose Amtico for your Kitchen Space

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With Christmas been and gone and many of us settling back into some sort of normal routine once again, our minds turn to those every day tasks and how to make them as easy as possible. It’s that time of year when we want everyone out of the kitchen so that we can make delicious family meals and those even those special seasonal treats such as special valentine’s treats and Easter banquets.

The kitchen, for many is the centre of a home and it can become the sacred ground for all of your family meals throughout the day. But that also means it’s probably going to get messy, so in preparation why not take the next few weeks to add a little safety measure to help you when it comes to working through the kitchen? What we mean is looking at luxury wood effect vinyl flooring to help with the preparation and clean up and making keeping the kitchen clean and tidy so much easier in general.

Why Vinyl?

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) may not have been the first thing that popped into mind as something to aid you in the kitchen, but let’s look at why it is a good choice.

Vinyl flooring tiles or planks are an incredibly protective product for those who step on them. The very best in up to date design advances have been incorporated to ensure vinyl flooring lasts through every type of threat and mishap that can occur. This alone makes it a great choice for a kitchen where spills and accidents are most likely to happen. 

Whilst working in the kitchen you can spill many liquids from water to juice to sauces. This tends to seep through regular flooring, as well as make the floor slippery and hazardous. With luxury vinyl, you have advanced moisture protection that not only stops any liquid from reaching the underfloor but also anti-slip safeguards, so you won't be taking any unwanted tumbles whilst rushing around.

On top of this, vinyl provides top stain resistance so those drops from sauces won’t be leaving any stains that will be an eyesore for years to come. A quick clean with a wipe and no speciality products required, that’s all it takes and with no discolouration leftover.


When you've spent all day in the kitchen, the last thing you want to do is go back to start the clean-up process.

Thankfully, cleaning luxury vinyl flooring and keeping it looking pristine is among the easiest things you will do over the day. A quick mop and brush are all that is required to have your floor looking the way it should and take only minutes from your day. This is something we can all fit into our day to keep the floors looking clean and safe, which is super important especially if you have young children who may be crawling or walking on them so they need to be kept clean regularly. 

You give it a little love; it will give a lot back and will last close to 30 years if cared for regularly.


Everyone has different tastes and styles so what might suit one kitchen, won't suit another. No matter how you want it to look though, luxury vinyl will have it in many different styles.

Not only can you find the look you want but you can have it how you want it, from woods to stones to slates to porcelain there is no limit in the style you are looking to implement. The great thing about vinyl is that the range of designs mean you can have the flooring you love without all the cost and labour that goes into something such as a stone or wooden flooring. When it comes to making your kitchen a solid, stylish, and secure environment, the lowest price Amtico flooring is the best step you can take.

Would you consider using a luxury vinyl flooring in your home or kitchen? Or perhaps you already have this? Let me know in the comments below. 


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