Saturday 16 June 2018

Hatch Friends Forever with Hatchimals Series 3 CollEGGtibles **REVIEW**

Most of you will remember when the Hatchimals craze started at Christmas 2016 when the huge hatchimals surprise eggs were being swept off the shelves as soon as they were put out. But that's not the only Hatcimal product around, there is also a huge range of smaller Hatchimals ready to be discovered each inside their very own miniature egg.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles are now onto series 3 with more cute and quirky characters to collect. This series the eggs are yellow with a variety of coloured speckles on the eggs. The colour of the speckles on the egg determines where in Hatchtopia your new CollEGGtible creature lives, but you won't know which Hatchimal you have until you hatch it.

Whilst similar to the last two series, series 3 has a very cute twist! The tagline for series 3 is "hatch friends forever" which is a very big clue. Each new Hatchimals CollEGGtibles has a best friend, squad or twin! Hatch a pair of best friends and you can put them in special poses, like piggybacks, Hatch-fives and more! Find a squad and keep these cuties close together. Hatch a set of twins and you’ll find two CollEGGtibles in one egg! With over 100 new friends in Hatchtopia, there are so many adorable possibilities! 

There is a Hatchimals collEGGtible pack size for every budget from pocket money bling bags to egg carton 12 packs perfect for that special birthday present.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 3 - 1 Pack bling bag, RRP £2.99
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 3 - 2 Pack, RRP £4.99
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 3 – 4 Pack, RRP £9.99

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles 2-Pack Cloud Egg Carton, RRP £4.99
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Season 3 One Dozen Egg Carton, RRP £24.99

Evelyn adores Hatchimals and gets to excited opening the eggs waiting to see who she will discover inside. She was even more excited this series with the possibility of finding twins! Each Hatchimal egg is hatched by rubbing the purple heart, as you rub it (or blow love onto it as Evelyn says) it will turn from purple to pink with pink signalling your Hatchimal is ready to hatch. Once the heart is pink you can push down onto it to crack open the egg and discover which character has been hiding inside.

Evelyn did find the initial cracking the egg a little tricky but as soon as I had made the first dent she was well away exciting picking away the shell to hatch her new friend. These are aimed at children aged 5+ and Evelyn is only 4 so that is probably why she found it a little tricky.

Once you have hatched all of your Hatchimals collEGGtibles the fun doesn't have to end there. You can download the Hatchimals app and discover Hatchtopia, where the Hatchimals live and play. Once they’ve hatched, care for them to keep them happy, play mini-games with them, and build your collection! Explore different areas of Hatchtopia with your Hatchimal like flying up to Cloud Cove or planting beautiful flowers in Glittering Garden.

Evelyn has loved this series of Hatchimals and I definitely where some of her pocket money will be going. She loved the suspense of waiting to see if she would discover a rare character or twins and then matching them up on the information sheet. The egg carton was definitely her favourite and it provided a great place to store her new Hatchimal collection once she had hatched them all. She spends hours making up little stories with her Hatchimals collection and with so many characters they allow her imagination to run wild. 

Will you find a rare or even an ultra rare in your collection? You can find out more about the full Hatchimals product range on the website - www.hatchimals.com.


**We received these Hatchimals products for the purpose of this review. However all images, opinions and thoughts are my own and I retain full control of this post." 

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