Sunday 17 June 2018

Evelyn is 4!

This post is a little delayed as we have been on holiday but last Saturday (9th June) Evelyn turned 4!

I can't quite believe it, my tiny baby turning 4 and starting school this year, time just seems to be whizzing by so quickly and she has become such a little character. This year seems like such a big milestone birthday because its the year she will start school and whilst she has definitely grown up so much this last year she is still my little baby inside.

Evelyn really enjoyed her very first birthday party for her 4th birthday too. She had a gym party with all her friends from pre-school and was so excited to see everyone there for her (and all the presents of course!). She got a little shy when it came to singing Happy Birthday though but was back to her cheeky self as soon as she got back into the gym centre.

In this last year Evelyn has thrived at pre-school with her new best friend Lucy (her key worker) at her side she has loved learning new things, making new friends and becoming more and more independent with the help of pre-school and all her amazing teachers. Im not sure who will be more sad about her leaving me or her, it will definitely be an emotional day for us all.

We have also had numerous medical appointments for Evelyn including ongoing appointments with the optometrist for her vision problems. We have been told she will probably need glasses for the rest of her life but for now we are working on improving her vision the best we can. She is extremely long sighted as well as having quite a severe squint but the combination of glasses, patches and some special eye drops over the last 4 months we have seen so much improvement already!

Just after Christmas this year Evelyn was also diagnosed as having Hypermobility. We have always noticed how flexible she is and how her legs bent slightly differently but having a diagnoses and being told there is nothing to worry about is a huge relief. We have been told she has extremely flexible ligaments all over and can bend her arms and legs in ways I didn't even know were possible (its pretty squeamish lol!). Of course Evelyn takes it all in her stride and thinks her "bendy legs party trick" is pretty cool.

Evelyn has grown up so much in this last year I feel like every day she seems to have learnt something new or grown a little taller. She is such a character now and perhaps a bit of a diva. She knows what she wants, how shes going to get it and what happens when she doesn't. She comes out with such hilarious phrases and is a complete chatterbox, I think she would have a conversation with a brick wall if you sat her there long enough. I love that I can have long conversations with her though and think it will only be a matter of time before we are nattering together getting out hair or nails done whilst the boys are watching football!

So as another year passes, the party ends and the cake has been eaten I wipe some more tears away from my eyes as I realise my tiny baby is now a distant memory. The pram has gone, the cot has gone, the baby toys all packed away and you take yourself off the toilet. Your a confident and happy 4 year old now and I couldn't be more proud of the adventurous and caring little girl you have become. 

But remember baby girl your never too old for a cuddle from mummy! 

Happy Birthday Evelyn. 


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