Wednesday 20 June 2018

Kiddimoto Kurve Balance Bike **REVIEW**

Ever since her big brother learnt to ride his bike Evelyn has been desperate to follow suit and jump on her bike to ride along with him. She definitely seems to forget hes 5 years older than she is and due to her hypermobility she was finding it really difficult to get the hang of pedalling.

She was getting so frustrated and her physio has agreed that she would need to build up strength in her legs to help her ligaments hold her joints in place to really get the hang of pedalling fast. We figured the pedals on her traditional bike may be a little too tricky for her to master right now but a balance bike would be much easier whilst still giving her that feeling of riding a bike and building up the muscles and strength in her legs!

So when Kiddimoto got in touch to offer Evelyn the chance to try out one of their beautiful balance bikes I can't tell you how excited she was.

We opted to try out a balance bike from the Kurve range which is a wooden framed bike (they also offer metal framed bikes in a different range too). There are so many beautiful designs to choose from and Evelyn chose the Fleur design with is an eye catching blue background adorned with while daisy style flowers all over.

The bike arrived quickly and well packed it does require some assembly but the easy to read instructions made it quick and easy to put together and Evelyn was raring to get on and go almost immediately. I did notice a few little dents in the frame but I think this is to be expected on a wooden frame and certainly didn't affect use. The bike has purple rubber handles which make the bike easy to grip and a purple leather effect seat which is slightly padded for extra comfort.

Evelyn is a fairly tall 4 year old and found the bike a great fit. The seat can be adjusted if needed which is easy to do and is explained in the instructions. Evelyn said the seat was super comfy and after a few goes getting used to pushing along she was well away. Its definitely given her lots of confidence and really improved her balance and speed which I think will really help her when the time comes to move up to a pedal bike.

The Kurve keeps the child in an upright posture position similar to that of riding a regular bike which really helps when they transition to a bike with pedals. The dimensions of the Kurve balance bike are

- Handlebar Height - 525mm
- Seat Height - 370 - 395mm
- Inside Leg - 370 - 500mm
- Wheel Base - 510mm
- Total Weight - 4.5kg

Of course when riding a bike, even a balance style bike safety should always come first. Kiddimoto also sell a great range of safety products to go with their bikes including helmets to make the design of your balance bike! We received a fleur design helmet to match the kurve balance bike we received and it definitely didn't go unnoticed by Evelyn who loves her new helmet.

The helmets come is a small (2-5 years) or medium (5 years +) and seem pretty true to size based on Evelyn's helmet. You can even add personalisation such as a name and number to your helmet for an extra £4.99!

Over all we give the Kiddimoto Kurve balance bike a big thumbs up. The designs are eye catching and have kids in mind without being garish. The bikes feel well made and built to last despite inevitably being dropped of bumped whilst little ones get to grips with learning to ride. These bikes make a great stepping stone and confidence builder to moving on to pedal bikes and I would thoroughly recommend giving them a try if your little ones is struggling with pedals.

Have you used a balance bike with your children?


**We received a kurve balance bike and helmet for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post.**

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