Wednesday 15 August 2018

Creating a Calming Workspace at Home With Lionshome.

Now that both James and Evelyn will be in full time school come September I will have a bit of spare time on my hands to put to good use. With that in mind I really want to put as much time and effort into my blog as possible and perhaps think about making an income from writing. 

Right now though I blog from the comfort of my sofa! Which sounds great but isn't all that great when I can be sat there for several hours a day slouched over and end up with a bad back. It also means I never get a moments peace as the kids are always next to me or under my feet which can be very distracted. So since I plan on upping my commitment to my blog I have been thinking about creating a calming work space that I can finally call my own and really get my head down when working! 

I recently found myself browsing on the Lionshome home and living website, a fantastic product discovery platform that has everything I need for the job all in one place and at great prices too. This got me dreaming and thinking of how I would style out my own work space at home and so here are some of my must haves that I came across on the Lionshome website for creating the perfect calming work space when working from home...

Madison Office Desk in Black

A great desk can be the centre piece of a home office and this Madison office desk has it all. A high gloss finish makes it look sleep and modern with 6 great sized draws including two deep draws at the bottom create ample storage for paperwork and any other bits you may need to keep safe and secure. 

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

A comfortable chair is one of the first purchases I will be making. Sitting on the sofa might sound comfortable but believe me my neck and back have suffered from all the slouching. This Ergonomic mesh office chair has high back support, padded seat and head rest and arm rests for ultimate comfort. I think it fits really nicely with the desk above too. 

Of course its great to have the perfect furniture for any office space but there are also some simple things to think about when creating a home work space too. Lighting can be key so finding a room with lots of light or investing in some day light style lamps can be great for getting the right lighting. I also plan on filling my work space with lots of family photos so when im working away and might feel a slump I can look around and realise just why im working so hard, for these little people! 

I love the finishing touches when completing rooms too, I find picking the right finishes touches can really make or break a room and Lionshome certainly have plenty to browse and choose from including all of these below (with all this warm weather I think a desk fan is a must right?) …

So they are my top tips for creating a calm and stress free work space in your own home. Hopefully I will be able to implement some of these plans for myself very soon too!

Do you work from home? If so what would be your top tips when choosing a space and furniture for your work space?


**This is a collaborative post, however all words and opinions and are my own and I retain full control of this post.**

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