Sunday 19 August 2018

Hotel Transylvania 3 Toy Range **REVIEW**

Last weekend we took a trip to the cinema, James has been desperate to see Hotel Transylvania 3 - Summer Vacation see he first saw the trailer so we all took a trip to see it. I have to admit it was actually really funny! A great film for the whole family to watch with humour and storyline that most will find funny.

When we came out of the cinema and James was telling us how much he had loved the film I knew he would be super excited when he got home and discovered several Hotel Transylvania 3 toys we had been sent to review! Both he and Evelyn couldn't wait to get the boxes open and rein act some of their favourite scenes from the movie with the toys.

The fantastic new toy line inspired by the movies has lots of new products in which include figures, playsets and even some mystery collectables (much to the excitement of Evelyn). Kids can now bring the Hotel Transylvania movies to life with these toys that are so similar to the characters and sets in the movie.
We received the Drac's Pack of figures, the Scream Cheese Café playset and several mystery boxes containing the surprise collectables.

Both James and Evelyn were so excited to open up the mystery chests so we started with those. Each chest comes with a key on the side, to open you place the key into the hole at the front of the chest and then twist. The chest will pop open to reveal your surprise collectable as well as a sheet to show all the collectables you can get in the range. The chests do reclose so can be used as part of play or to store your collectables in when not is use, remember to keep the key though so you can reopen!

Here are the figures we found inside our four mystery boxes, including the one and only Drac! -

Next we opened up our Drac's Pack which is a four figure multipack and is available in several varieties with different characters in each. Ours contained the Dracula family of figures including Drac, Mavis, Johnny and Dennis. James and Evelyn instantly knew who each character was and they really do like the characters straight from the movie. Even down to little details like their clothes and accessories. Each character has moveable arms with Drac and Mavis having moveable legs too. This made then great for play as they could be posed and moved around. You can also remove some of the clothing from these figures such as Drac's cape and Mavis's skirt which both have a rubbery texture and are easy to remove or put back on.

Finally we opened up the Scream Cheese Café which comes with over 11 pieces! The café set includes a table and chairs set, desk and checkout area and doorway. There is also a rare collectable surprise included in every café playset. Similar to the mystery crates above, this set comes with a key and you use this to open the til. We found a rare insect popcorn!

The Scream Cheese Café playset also comes with its very own Mavis figure complete with her kitchen hat and apron ready to push her trolley around the café and serve all the monsters who come to visit. This Mavis figure has posable arms and legs and her hand can grip hold of the trolley to push it along. There are so many little details hidden within this set which make it that extra bit special The Hotel Transylvania logo inscribed in the door way and the bag on the top of the checkout area. It has all been thought of and all adds to the excitement of playing with this set.

James and Evelyn really enjoyed this range of toys from the Hotel Transylvania movie. They loved that the characters looked just like the ones from the movie (even the smaller collectibles) and all of the fun accessories that came with the playset. There is a lot of attention to detail in all the range from the characters themselves to the extra little bits in the play set such as plates of gruesome food (check out the eyeballs above!) and the miniature till with the rare surprise hidden within.

James is and 8 and Evelyn is 4 and they happily played with these toys together, they really enjoyed that they could use and combine different toy packs to enhance their game and play. The extra figures from our Drac's pack fit well in the café and we will definitely have to buy some more characters from the movie to add to our sets.

Prices range for these products with the mystery crates priced at £3.99 (a great pocked money toy we think!), the Drac's pack (4 figure multi pack) is priced at £12.99 and the Scream Cheese Café is priced at £19.99 which includes a Mavis figure. The toy range is available from Argos, Smyths Toys and online from Amazon.

Have you seen the new Hotel Transylvania 3 movie? Who is your little ones favourite character from the movie?



**We received several Hotel Transylvania toys featured here fpr the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post. This post contains affiliate links.**

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