Sunday 19 August 2018

PJ Masks - Lights and Sounds Robot **REVIEW**

Evelyn has recently discovered PJ Masks on the TV and has been loving following their adventures. So she was delighted to find out we had been asked to try out and review the PJ Masks lights and sounds robot.

The PJ Masks lights and sounds robot looks and acts just like the PJ Robot from the TV show. If you don't already watch PJ Masks, here is how the PJ Robot came about. The PJ Robot was originally invented by Romeo as part of a plan to infiltrate HQ. Romeo intentionally made PJ Robot cute and friendly knowing the heroes Owlette, Catboy and Gekko, would like him and take him to HQ. However, PJ Robot began to genuinely like the PJ Masks too, and eventually double crossed his creator  Romeo to join the PJ Masks side. 

If you watch the show you will recognise that his marks represent the three PJ Masks characters, the blue paw print for Catboy, the green lizard tail for Gekko and the red wings for Owlette. The PJ Masks lights and sounds robot has a whole host of expressions and actions to show you too with a simple push of his head! 

When you push down on the robots head lights and sounds are easily activated. There are several different facial expressions on this robot and Evelyn loved waiting to see which one would appear. The PJ Masks robot also moved forward and twirls when activated! We were pleased to see that thanks to the strong rubber wheels on the base of the robot he works on carpet as well as kitchen tiled or lino, although he obviously was a bit quicker on our kitchen floor! 

The PJ Masks lights and sounds robot has a hard sturdy plastic body which is handy especially if your children are like mine and build bridges and walls for him to crash into and bash down when he spins. He does has rubber style flexible hands and arms though which you can bend into a variety or ways and positions. 

The robot takes 4 x AA batteries which are included and there is an on off switch on the base oe to worry about being woken by a robot spinning across the floor in the middle of the night. We also found that if you place the "on/off" switch to try me then the lights and sounds are still activated but he doesn't move or spin. Perfect if your children want to sit and play or are a little wary of the spinning or movements. 

Evelyn has really enjoyed playing with her new PJ Masks robot and pushing his head to make him twirl around and knock things down that she has built. He is very cute but if I am totally honest I am not sure how long the novelty will last and priced at £29.99 this toy isn't mega cheap either. 

If your little ones are PJ Masks fans I can definitely see this cute robot being a big hit at Christmas though and it is available to purchase from Argos and The Entertainer. 

Who is your child's favourite PJ Masks character? 


** We received the PJ Masks Lights and Sounds robot for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post. This post contains affiliate links.**

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