Monday 10 September 2018

Back To School with Spearkmark Lunch Essentials **REVIEW**

Can you believe it is September already!? This year seems to be going by crazy quick and I think September has hit me especially hard as this year Evelyn started school and James moved up into Year 4! The summer seems to go by so quickly and before you know it we are back into the school run routine, ironing uniform and making packed lunches.

So this year when Spearmark offered to send James and Evelyn some new lunch bags, bottles and some items from their Locksy range I knew this would make packed lunches so much easier and we couldn't wait to try them out!

First lets talk about the lunch bags, these are no ordinary lunch bags! Spearmark have a great range of fun stylish and practical lunch boxes and bags to suit both boys and girls of all ages. James is almost 9 now and I sometimes find the lunch bags can seem a little babyish but he absolutely loved this blue striped lunch bag with a handy over the shoulder carry handle. It has ample space inside for his lunch as well as a drink carton and is insulated to keep food fresh all day.

Evelyn was over the moon to find out she had received the pink star print lunch bag and she couldn't wait for school to start so she could use it! Again this lunch bag has an insulated inner and long over the should handle. I really love the idea of the longer handle as they often both have so much to carry into school I worry about the dropping everything in the playground. With this handle I could just pop it over their shoulder and they still had both hands free!

These are available to purchase from Sainsburys both online and in store where you can check out the full range of lunch bag designs and styles available.

Water bottles are another essential for back to school since kids will use these all day for their drinks I like to ensure they both have good quality water bottles that will hopefully last! These Cool Gear infusion bottles are perfect for the job, they are BPA free and ergonomically designed with handy grippy sections for smaller hands to hold and a handy loop to ensure your water bottle stays safe.

These bottles are also perfect for the summer as inside each one you will find a stick section that can be frozen and helps keep water cold throughout the day. These bottles come in two sizes either 795ml or 530ml. I found the smaller bottle was the perfect size for Evelyn and the bigger perfect for James. The bottles do look big but you have to take into consideration that once you put the freezer stick inside this does take up some space.

The handy drinking spout flips up and down and after a few tries both James and Evelyn were able to do this themselves. The whole lid including the internal straw is accessible too for easy cleaning after each use.

Then there is the Locksy range! This is a totally new range to me but it has been a total game changer when it comes to packed lunches. The Locksy ultraclip range has a unique clip design which ensures no leaks and it keeps food fresh and air tight. There are lots of products in the range including boxes the perfect size for sandwiches and snack boxes!

We received the soup mug and sauce containers to try out and Evelyn was very excited to see the soup mug. Now its not that she is crazy about soup but she is crazy about Pasta and we quickly realised the soup mug whilst great and containing soup was also perfect for pasta too!

The soup mug has a handy handle, perfect for eating on the go on carrying around and the unique Locksy clips means you never have to worry about spills.

The sauce pots are very cute and super handy for all sorts of things which I would usually struggle to put into lunch boxes. We have so far used them for dips for veggies, yoghurt for dipping fruit into, nuts and even raisins. These would also be perfect for popping ketchup and mayo into if you are going to be eating on the go or stopping at a service station for example. Much easier than trying to use those annoying fiddley foil packs, especially in the car!

We have been so impressed with the Spearmark range and it has made lunch times much easier and less stressful. The lunch bags are so much more stylish and fun than any others I have seen and they feel like really good quality too, ideal when you know they are going to be thrown and dragged around at school.
The Locksy range has also meant I have been able to make packed lunches much more exciting with a variety of new goodies I can now pack without the worry of leakage. Even more handy is that the tubs and containers can be placed in the dishwasher (or hand washed of course) for quick and easy cleaning after every use.

The Locksy range is available from Morrisons, Iceland and Dunelm currently and prices start at just £1.50.

Are your kids back to school this week? What are their favourite things to find in their lunch bags?


**We received these products from the Spearmark/Locksy range for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own and I retain full control of this post. **

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