Monday 10 September 2018

Stickle Bricks - A childhood Classic **REVIEW**

First launched in 1969 Stickle Bricks from Flair have been a firm childhood favourite toy since and its no different now! I have fond memories of playing with Stickle Bricks as a child and I was so excited when we were recently offered a few new sets to try out with Evelyn (I think I was just as excited as her!). The most notable thing about Stickle Bricks for me is that whilst the packaging may have changed the bricks are still such classics and haven't changed much at all from how I remember them as a child!

We received several sets to try out including the Stickle Bricks Fun Tub, Stickle Bricks, Little Builder and Stickle Bricks Farm Set. It is worth noting that only the larger fun tub is plastic, the other containers are cardboard however we did find that almost all of the pieces from these three sets fit inside the larger red plastic tub, which was perfect for storing the bricks away when not in use.

The first set we decided to try was the Stickle Bricks Fun Tub. This tub contains stickle bricks in all shapes and sizes as well as several wheels and two faces/heads with 69 bricks in total included (this includes the base plate). The Fun Tub has an RRP of £19.99 and really is a great starter set if you have no other Stickle Bricks. It even comes with a large base and with all the different bricks you get the possibilities of what to build with this set are endless. All you need is the tub and your imagination!

Next up we opened up the Stickle Bricks Farm Set (rrp £16.99) which Evelyn was very excited about as it contains Stickle Brick animals! This set would a great addition to an existing Stickle Bricks collection as the set contain three farm animals (a pig, a sheep and a chicken/hen), a tractor with moving wheels and even a farmer.

The lid of the farm set actually turns into the field and all of the animals and the farmer have cute little faces to really enhance play. Evelyn really enjoyed this set and having the extra characters in there. It gave her a great start for some really imaginative builds and creative play which was fantastic. You can also get a similar set to this that is a fire engine which contains a fire engine, fire station and a little fire fighter too!

The final box we opened was the Stickle Bricks Little Builder set (rrp £9.99). This tub is full of assorted colourful bricks in all different shapes with 30 pieces in total included. This would make a great starter set if you wanted a smaller selection of bricks for younger children or it would be perfect as an add on set to add even more bricks to your collection.

Evelyn liked the large plastic face pieces that were included in this set and with a little help made two very fun characters from bits found in the little builder tub. The tub contains plenty of pieces to build lots however we did feel this tub worked best when paired with the larger fun tub so we could make even bigger and better creations with the extra bricks.

We had so much fun discovering (or rediscovering in my case!) Stickle Bricks and I love how such a simple toy can inspire such imagination in all ages. Its great for smaller hands as pieces can be easily put together and pulled apart and the bright chunky pieces are the ideal size for easy picking up and building with.

Evelyn is 4 and these have been perfect for her, although there really is no age limit for me on Stickle Bricks and these are advised for children aged from 18 months plus. They are fun for kids of all ages and even James who is 9 had lots of fun creating the Llama for Evelyn.

Evelyn is forever trying to play with her big brothers Lego and quickly getting frustrated as she struggles to connect and dismantling the small fiddly bricks. However she was independently able to put together and pull apart Stickle Bricks making it much more fun for her to get creative with at this age and she hasn't even attempted to pinch his Lego bricks since getting these sets.

Stickle Bricks really is that classic childhood toy that I don't think will ever get old! I love that Stickle Bricks are still pretty much the same design as when they were first realised and are still just as much fun. Its great being able to share a childhood toy with a child and see them enjoy it just as much as you did. Stickle Bricks provide endless hours of imaginative play as well as helping with hand eye coordination and dexterity, whats not to love.

All of these Stickle Bricks products as well as many more are available from Argos and Amazon.

Do you remember Stickle Bricks from your childhood?



**We received these products for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post. This post contains affiliate links. **

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