Monday 24 September 2018

How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

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I didn't get to have a baby shower when I was pregnant with James, a combination of an unexpected pregnancy, being the first in my group of friends to have a baby and probably a little denial that I was even going to be a mum at all! 

So when my friends insisted on throwing me one the second time round when I was pregnant with Evelyn I have to admit it was such a lovely gesture and I was so excited to celebrate with them. 
Having a baby shower doesn't have to be big or expensive though, for me (and most parents to be) it is about having the chance to get together with good friends and see them all before the madness and chaos of a having a new baby began. To celebrate a new baby coming into the world with the people you love the most! I know that some people find baby showers a bit of an American thing but honestly, they can be so much fun. 

Here are some of my top tips to planning the perfect baby shower -

Schedule A Date 

First speak to mum to be or dad to be if you are wanting to keep it a surprise and work out a day that will work for them. They obviously need to be there and when you are pregnant it can often mean lots of hospital and doctors’ appointments as well as other dates in the diary. Once you have a date in mind and confirmed you can start making or purchasing invites and get these sent out so that people know the date in advance. 

Choose a Venue 

A baby shower can be as big or small as you want to make it, and this is definitely reflected in your venue choice. If you are planning on having lots of guests perhaps look at hiring a
hall or hosting your baby shower in a function room within a restaurant. If you are wanting to keep the baby shower small and informal hosting it at a house can be a great option. Ideally not at the mum-to-be's home as this can just cause extra stress and mess for her but having it at the hosts house or friends house can make for a really relaxed atmosphere. 


Whether you are going all out or keeping it minimal, baby shower decorations can be a great way to set a theme and make it clear just what kind of party you are throwing. I love to get crafty and make my own such as name cards, and table decorations however table confetti, balloons and store brought decorations are just as effective (and much quicker!). Before buying decorations it’s a good idea to work out which colour or theme you are going with though. If the parents to be know the baby’s sex perhaps go with blue or pink but this is definitely something to ask them first. Pretty much all the baby showers I have been to have had a unisex theme which I think works best. Some of the best ones I have seen include rainbow themed, bumble bee themed, and a beautifully subtle grey, yellow and white theme. 

Games and Entertainment 

Having some games up your sleeve can be a great way to get people chatting and joining in. I usually search online or via Pinterest, that brings up a whole host of games and even free pintables to use in your games. If you are limited on space, games such as baby bingo or guessing weight/time of birth are perfect as they take up little space but still get everyone involved.
If you have more space, there is an almost endless list of games to play. At my baby shower guests used fabric pens and all designed a baby vest each as a gift for the baby. I thought this was such a lovely idea and I kept them all as keepsakes to look back on. You can also get a little gruesome and melt chocolate bars into nappies (it looks a bit like poop!) and guests pass the nappy around and try to guess which chocolate bar has been melted. 


Gifts should never be mandatory at any party however lots of guests will want to bring a gift for mum or the new baby. If there is something big that you know the parents are saving for, it can be a nice option to offer guests the chance to add into a pot and all put in for one big gift from everyone (or a voucher to go towards that big gift). Alternatively, if guests are bringing their own gift items that are going to be useful, these are usually the best to get. One lovely gift idea is a baby hamper and places such as The Baby Hamper Company can put together hampers completely customised to what you are looking for. That could be a hamper for new parents or for the new baby plus the bonus thing about these hampers is they can be delivered straight to the recipients door too, so perfect as a congratulations gift when baby arrives too. 

(Babies are sick, dribble and poo – a lot!) so with babies you can never have too many items of clothing, and there are some really beautiful pieces over at Strawberry Children who stock a huge range of designer childrens wear. As well as this, blankets, toys and pamper gifts for mum and dad always seem to go down a treat! 

Food and Drink

When it comes to food for a baby shower I think nibbles and cake are probably best. People want to mingle, chat and have fun playing the games you organise so having a sit-down meal can seem a bit too formal. 
If you are planning on having a cake made as your centre piece and then have nibbles for guests to help themselves to, then things such as sandwiches, quiche, biscuits, cheese with crackers and veggies/breadsticks with dips are all quick and easy to do. I also love this fruit basket designed in the shape of a baby in a pram its super cute and perfect for the baby shower theme. 

If you are hosting your baby shower at a venue and don't want the stress of organising or transporting food, ask them if they offer catering. Most will be happy to arrange a buffet or meal option for your event. 

Most important of all, remember to have fun! As well as having my own baby shower I have been a guest at several and helped organise a few too. The most important thing for me is that the mum to be is as stress free as possible, enjoying time with friends and having fun. It’s a time for us as friends to spoil and pamper her as well as squeezing in some time with her before baby arrives and things get a little hectic! 

Try to go with the flow and not squeeze in everything you planned, if opening gifts takes a little longer or mum to be is happily chatting with friends drop a game or two and allow the party to go with the flow. It’s great to have a backup plan with extra games etc though in case you need them. 

Are you a fan of baby showers?


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  1. I am definitely a fan! My friends are organising me a (kind of) baby shower for my third who is due in December - it's a chance to celebrate, and eat cake together without the bigger kids trying to pinch it!

  2. Such good tips! I love planning events x

  3. I had a baby shower with my first child organised by friends and I really appreciated it. It was in a friends house with some fun homemade games and food. After spending months missing out on nights out (which I was so used to before I had children!) and feeling a bit lonely on maternity leave it was lovely to do something special with my friends.

  4. My favourite part was picking the cake and theme. My mum and sister did everything else around that xx

  5. I think they're a lovely idea for getting together with all your close friends and family before baby arrives - they don't have to be cringe at all! Lovely post :) xx